EFT Analytics, Inc.

Through EFT’s combination of powerful analytics, we enable organizations to solve large, complex industrial process challenges in operations reliability, root cause analysis, and process optimization.


EFT is a subsidiary of Koch Industries, one of the largest private companies in the U.S. Koch has delivered results using its unique management philosophy across dozens of industries and hundreds of sites for decades. EFT strives daily to bring those time-tested fundamentals to how we operate and what we deliver. Our products help with a wide variety of challenges. EFT delivers results by combining easy-to-use software, machine learning, real-time prediction, and industrial expertise. We’re enabling subject matter experts to leverage the power of data science; equipping these experts to find hidden patterns within their data like never before. EFT’s software was developed to augment the capabilities of process engineers. You can now clean, prepare, model, and analyze your data to enable profitable actions.




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