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With cutting-edge time-series data machine-learning algorithm: the patented Hypersphere modeling technology, CRTsoft helps industrial users to secure their production and fully utilize their data assets.


Founded in 1999?CRTsoft dedicated to research & development of time-series data mining technology under Industrial IoT environment, and took the lead in finding the global leading machine learning algorithm for time-series data: patented Hypersphere modeling technology, and developed industrial big data platform software: iEM System. The iEM System can instantly discover the subtle features of the production site and equipment status change in the complicated mass operation data automatically, prompt user to take appropriate action in the early stages of the performance degradation or potential failure. With the help of industrial big data technologies based on the iEM System intelligence platform, industrial users could realize securer and more efficient production and operation, and extend innovative application of the interaction between the human and industrial System under IIoT environment, from a whole new perspective.



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