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Wedge is fast online industrial data analysis & diagnostics system. By providing advanced analytics tools it has 25 years of superior customer satisfaction and place in the frontline of Industry 4.0.


Wedge is powerful data-mining software that enables you to improve industrial plant efficiency with ease

Wedge is for analyzing process data and studying process behavior. With Wedge, a week’s data-analysis work can be done in 15 minutes, which frees up time for conclusions and corrective actions. Wedge digests all of the process data, from multiple sources. It uncovers and suggests possible root causes and consequences of process events before they escalate into problems. Wedge is the perfect data-analysis system to maximize your productivity.

With Wedge, you can:

  • VISUALIZE process & quality data
  • CLEANSE and focus the data, compensate process delays
  • ANALYZE data with a versatile set of tools
  • DIAGNOSE dependencies and root causes

Wedge uniqueness: Wedge has been developed in cooperation with industry leaders during the last 25 years. It is in use in 20 countries and in over 200 production lines. The user experience is seamless and many of our users have been converted into loyal fans. Furthermore, the tool has unique features like the capability of including 2D profile data into analyses, and sophisticated methods for analysis, e.g., periodic fluctuations and multivariate phenomena.

The most notable benefits of the Wedge process diagnostics system:

  • Perform a week’s data-analysis work in 15 minutes
  • Shift your mental resources from processing data to solving problems
  • Enable collaboration and sharing of data and knowledge


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