Ocean Data Systems - Makers of Dream Report

Ocean Data Systems is the maker of Dream Report, the leading independent solution for indusrial reports and dashboards.


Dream Report is the perfect addition to every OSIsoft PI Installation, delivering compliance, and performance reports and dashboards.

Founded in 2004, Ocean Data Systems has had a singular focus, to create the best industrial software for automated reports and dashboards. Our product, Dream Report, is installed in over 11,000 installations around the world and in over 48 countries. Available in 14 languages, Dream Report is the right solution for enterprise rollouts. As a scalable solution, Dream Report is able to address both ends of the application spectrum, from small and embedded applications, to single node and highly distributed applications. With 1000s of installations across all markets, and having been through over two dozen releases, Dream Report is mature and has been tailored for each vertical market including Water, Waste Water, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Power Generation and Distribution, Oil and Gas - Upstream and Downstream, Food, Beverage, Chemicals, Aerospace, Automotive, Building Automation, Metals and Mining.

Dream Report connects to PI through Business Standards such as ODBC, industrial standards such as OPC as well as through the PI Web API, a RESTful PI System access layer that provides a cross-platform programmatic interface to the PI System. In addition, Dream Report offers over 100 other connectors connectors to industry leading products, letting you use Dream Report as your one view for all plant analytics.


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