Forest and paper products

Wood products, pulp, paper, and packaging companies need to maximize production as effectively as possible.
The PI System helps you reach sustainability goals, reduce costs, and increase productivity—from tree to finished product.

  • 10
    of the top 10 global paper manufacturers rely on the PI System
  • 450+
    installations at mills and wood-related product manufacturers worldwide

The power of the PI System for forest and paper products

Unite disparate data sources. Extend the life of aging equipment. Maintain quality standards. The PI System helps you effectively manage resources, attain sustainability goals, reduce costs, and increase productivity from forest to mill to transportation.

Efficient and sustainable operations

A single source of operational truth so you can meet unprecedented demand while running operations smoothly and efficiently.

The PI System allows you to easily understand real-time operational data by providing historical context, so you have the institutional knowledge you need to make better process decisions quickly.

exterior of paper mill

Unite critical data across different systems

Gather and integrate all of your data across all systems regardless of function or location. More accurate information. Better decision-making.

WestRock saved 500+ labor hours per month, per facility, and gained actionable insights by standardizing data and tools across multiple mill systems and locations.

hard hat worker monitoring boiler pipe gauges at pulp plant

Monitor asset health

Improve asset uptime, reduce unplanned downtime, and extend the life of aging equipment. Condition-based and predictive maintenance is proven to reduce emergency maintenance by up to four percent.

Klabin saved $9.6M in six months by avoiding boiler shutdowns, while increasing annual production by 3,400 tons.

paper on paper mill line

Optimize energy and water use

Improve water treatment and reutilization efficiencies. Mitigate the impact of volatile energy costs. Comply with environmental regulations and meet sustainability goals.

Mondi achieved aggregated energy savings of 62k euros annually and improved environmental KPIs by 5-7.5%.

stack of large paper rolls

Quality assurance

Meet quality standards. Do root-cause analysis and prevent recalls. Review product manufacturing history.

ITC Papers used the PI System to collect, store, and integrate disparate data, and reduced plybond-related losses by 80%.

Our partners are experts who understand forest and paper products

Extend the PI System to meet your needs, from installation to advanced analytics and AI.

Premier System Integrator


Radix is an engineering and automation company that operates in a variety of different industrial segments. Solutions based on Industry 4.0: Big Data, CyberSecurity, IoT.

Premier System Integrator


A leading independent provider of information management solutions, manufacturing automation solutions, control systems integration, building automation, and enterprise and industrial networks.

PI Core ready software

Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics AB

Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics are leading data analytics experts with multiple applications in high-tech industries worldwide.

Registered System Integrator


IHM ENGENHARIA, in the market since 1994, is a system integrator, offering complete multidisciplinary projects integrating civil, mechanical, electrical, process, automation, optimization, MES and IT.

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