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Linde Engineering: Remote monitoring and data sharing in the cloud with OCS

Linde oil and gas site
    OCS enables Linde Engineering to quickly and easily setup real-time remote monitoring and advanced diagnostics capabilities for its customers.
    OCS offers guaranteed security and simple, flexible configuration. With its advanced multi-tenant approach, OCS allows Linde Engineering to securely monitor and analyze every client’s data without commingling information.
    OCS streamlines and simplifies data exchange with its highly scalable and accessible model. Since a number of Linde Engineering’s customers already use the PI System™, OCS made it that much easier for Linde Engineering to gain access to client data sources.
For over 140 years, Linde Engineering has been a leading industrial gas and engineering company. During that time, the company has become an expert in plant design and identifying best practices for industrial operations. In addition, Linde Engineering provides services for Linde Gas and external process companies. Linde Engineering now uses its gas processing expertise to enable the success of customers across multiple industries. Companies in the natural gas, oil, refining, petrochemicals, fertilizer, electronics, and metal processing industries all turn to Linde Engineering for efficient plant design and operational excellence. Now, Linde Engineering is scaling its operations engineering capabilities to share its expertise with even more external companies
advanced operations for Linde

Linde Engineering uses OCS to improve customer plant performance

Linde Engineering offers maintenance consulting services, including:

  • Real-time equipment monitoring
  • Troubleshooting guidance
  • Efficiency improvement services using digital twins

As part of its consulting services, Linde Engineering installs field sensors and provides edge devices and cloud connectivity services to its customers. Together, these tools stream customer operations data to Linde Engineering for remote analysis. Linde Engineering uses the data from the sensors and edge devices to populate its proprietary anomaly detection algorithms and dashboards. From there, Linde Engineering’s team of experts can remotely run analyses and offer insights to improve customer plant performance.

In 2020, Linde Engineering deployed OCS as part of its mission to enhance plant lifecycle productivity and streamline internal processes. In just a short time, OCS became instrumental in enabling rapid and secure remote operations monitoring services and data exchange between Linde Engineering and its customers.

Now, Linde Engineering is using its existing tool set, including artificial intelligence AI, and thermodynamic analysis in conjunction with OCS. This comprehensive solution enables Linde Engineering engineers to collaborate with remote customers to:

  • Analyze operations data to identify anomalies
  • Predict maintenance needs
  • Determine optimal settings

Recently, Linde Engineering expanded its offerings to include an IIoT platform. The IIoT platform currently has several applications, including motor monitoring and energy invoice analysis, with more in development. As Linde Engineering has continued to expand its service offerings, it became increasingly clear that the company needed to focus on its domain expertise. Linde Engineering has mastered sensor installation, algorithms, and customer recommendations, but it was clear the company needed a partner to efficiently and securely bring each client data from the edge to the cloud. “It was critical to refocus our activities on configuring a best-in-class out-of-the-box platform instead of building an IoT infrastructure on our own again and again,” said Oliver Slaby, head of IT plant operations at Linde Engineering.

Here we think that OSIsoft Cloud Services is an ideal fit for our needs…we don’t have the implementation costs every time for every different application, and then we can operate many different applications with the core team focusing on our needs.
Oliver Slaby
Head of IT for Plant Operations at Linde Engineering
Rapid deployment—without heavy lifting from IT 
Linde Engineering needed a simple, scalable way to quickly transmit customer data values to the cloud. An out-of-the-box SaaS cloud platform with OT contextual awareness would free up the team to focus on building new and innovative remote service offerings. It was also imperative that the platform did not require the team to continually build and maintain new cloud solutions. After evaluating other market offerings, Slaby and his team piloted OCS. “Here we are using OSIsoft Cloud Services to fill out this gap,” Slaby said.

OCS enables rapid, secure data sharing using a multi-tenant approach 

With OCS, managing and securely sharing OT data is simple. Almost immediately, OCS proved to be a fast, efficient, and secure way of supporting Linde Engineering’s data science and remote monitoring needs. The “off-the-shelf” approach to moving customer data through the cloud and into Linde’s models and dashboards enables Linde Engineering to focus on its core offerings and customer needs— not building cloud connections. The flexible, cloud-native architecture of OCS proved to be easy for Linde Engineering to configure for its remote monitoring services, especially since many customers already have an on-premise PI System. 
Now, OCS is integrating, harmonizing, and standardizing highly-complex time-series OT data for Linde Engineering’s multiple clients—and Linde Engineering is seeing tangible results. The company only has access to necessary information, and client data is never commingled. Linde Engineering uses the OCS REST API, which utilizes models and KPIs to analyze plant data and stores that information back in OCS. The company also leverages Microsoft PowerBI dashboards, enabling Linde Engineering and the customer to view the same information at the same time and determine how to improve reliability and efficiency. In addition, OCS offers secure data transmission on both sides, helping Linde Engineering avoid the time-consuming chore of setting up of VPN connectivity. “This setup was possible to do within only one day with our customer” said Slaby
Linde remote plant monitoring solution Linde Engineering set up a remote plant monitoring solution to transmit the customer’s PI System data using OCS. Set-up took one day instead of week

The future is in the cloud 

The flexible, centralized nature of OCS made it easy for Linde Engineering to commission, tune, and manage devices remotely. Since OCS can separate the control system from the diagnostic system, Linde Engineering can securely and reliably interface with control environments. Currently, Linde Engineering is using equipment data models in OCS for real-time diagnostics and predictive insights, while leveraging preferred tools, such as Microsoft PowerBI and Python. Linde Engineering plans to leverage more AI models in the future as it continues to scale its business model using OCS.

For more information about Linde Engineering and OSIsoft Cloud Services, watch the full presentation here.

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