Optimizing Plant Operations with Condition Based Maintenance

The PI System enables Power Generation suppliers to better manage one unit or an entire fleet of generating units

A growing number of utility operators are considering the adoption of condition-based maintenance (CBM) and other proactive strategies that are driven by the actual condition of an asset rather than planned calendar- or time-based maintenance schedules. CBM promises to:

  • eliminate unnecessary maintenance
  • minimize unexpected failures
  • maximize use of resources
  • increase reliability and availability
  • support life extension

The 6 Steps of CBM with the PI System

Using the PI System for CBM provides multiple advantages. For instance it:

  • alters the process from a static or periodic assessment to an online, dynamic, real-time assessment of asset health
  • provides a comprehensive data environment that can be used to conduct a more complete analysis of current conditions
  • transforms real-time data into useful information and creates event frames to supplement this highly detailed data analysis
  • provides the ability to efficiently perform root cause analysis, in case of a failure

"Time is of the essence.The sooner you find out there is a problem, the sooner you can do something about it."

- Mohammed Yousuf, Senior Staff Engineer, Exelon

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The PI System provides power generators with a universal data infrastructure that is capable of collecting, managing and analyzing information from multiple isolated sources across the enterprise and presenting that data in a way that allows management, engineering, operations and maintenance staff to share information and solve problems faster.

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How It Works

The PI System provides key capabilities for CBM. It alters the process from a static or periodic assessment to a real-time assessment of asset health. Engineers are able to create a more comprehensive data environment that can be used to conduct thorough analysis of current conditions. This allows them to transform real-time data into valuable information that can supplement and enhance their data analysis.

Demo Condition-Based Maintenance Demo Using the PI System

Improving Asset Health Take Action Based on Real-time Condition Monitoring

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