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Enable Big Data initiatives with Operational Data

To thrive in the modern world, companies are running analytics on immensely large sets of data (a.k.a. Big Data). Data on production, manufacturing, and equipment are often siloed and difficult to get for a Big Data analysis.

The PI System specializes in collecting, organizing, and delivering sensor-based data from the physical world. And now a new component, the PI Integrator for Business Analytics, prepares and transmits this operational data into enterprise data warehouses. Adding operational data to your data warehouse provides a holistic dataset for meaningful Big Data analysis.

Having this operational data available alongside business data will help address new business questions, an approach benefitting many industries.

Merge PI System Data with Hadoop, Oracle RDBMS, and SQL Server

Do you have an existing data warehouse in Hadoop, Oracle RDBMS, or SQL Server? The PI Integrator for Business Analytics (Data Warehouse edition) can connect PI System data to any of them. You can add an operational perspective to your data warehouse without a need to disrupt your existing information systems, create custom code, or manage complex queries.
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Hear How CEMEX Transforms Corporate Reporting

Learn how the PI Integrator helped CEMEX automate corporate reporting across 70 sites
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Solution Brief for Data Warehousing

Learn how the PI Integrator joins operational and business data in your data warehouse for enterprise analytics and reporting
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Architecting an Industrial Sensor Data Platform for Big Data Analytics

Read how enterprises can build a digital data infrastructure to support industrial Big Data initiatives
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