Data pioneers on a mission: the OSIsoft story

Supporting the world’s most critical operations for decades 

Customer-focused innovation for 40 years and counting

  • 1980s: Meet the PC (and OSIsoft)

    PCs are bringing power to the people, and so are we. Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy founds OSIsoft with a vision: get reliable operations data to help people make better decisions.

  • 1990s: 1,000 PIs

    We ship our 1,000th PI Server, the engine behind the PI System. We welcome 51 companies representing six countries to our first user conference—now a global event known as PI World.

  • 2000s: Global expansion

    The PI System is now installed in 100 countries, and can manage a staggering two million data points on a single server.

  • 2010s: Welcome to the cloud

    The PI System expands, sharing data not just within a single plant but also across an entire enterprise. With the introduction of PI Cloud, that reach extends to entire ecosystems of partners, suppliers, regulators, and beyond.

  • 2020s: Moving to the edge

    We launch PI Edge, enabling data sharing from the remotest devices in the harshest conditions. PI System’s remote monitoring capabilities help customers safely and efficiently respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Looking ahead

    We're now part of AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software. Together, we’re unlocking new possibilities for our customers.

    Machine learning and artificial intelligence will play a more important role, as will cloud and distributed computing. The PI System will evolve, but our customers will always be able to rely on it to improve operational performance, protect health and safety, keep the lights on, and make the world run more smoothly.

Dr. Kennedy in 1983. His vision of an “industrial desktop” grew into the market-leading data management platform for industrial operations.
Dr. Kennedy in 1983. His vision of an “industrial desktop” grew into the market-leading data management platform for industrial operations.
Pat’s first hire was Don Smith, seen here at a trade show. Like most early employees, he was an engineer with experience in plant operations.
The Singapore office is one of dozens of offices supporting sales and technical support around the world.
PI Cloud enables new communities of data consumers to work together to improve operations by sharing critical information in real time.
PI Edge uses state-of-the-art sensor and net technology to gather data from distributed and hard-to-reach assets like transmission towers and oil wells.
Even in the age of artificial intelligence, an engineer with the right information at the right time will always be a powerful force.
Anchored in trust and reliability

When Dr. Kennedy founded OSIsoft over 40 years ago, he put trust at the center of the company. This means delivering high-fidelity data you can trust. And it means relationships you can trust. 

Pat Kennedy with a group of OSIsoft employees

Our leaders include veterans in engineering, industrial operations, software development and more.

Norton Green, Director, executive engagements​

Our researchers, engineers and developers are helping to shape the future of operations intelligence. Our pragmatic approach to innovation is grounded in strong industry, academic and technology partnerships.

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