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Defining the next generation of operational intelligence for essential industries

In the 1980s—long before anyone imagined concepts like Big Data or the industrial internet of things (IIoT)—we pioneered the tools to record and harness the power of real-time operational data for the industrial world.

Today, our researchers, engineers and developers are still helping to shape the future of operational intelligence. Our pragmatic approach to innovation is grounded in strong industry, academic and technology partnerships.

Innovation is not a department

Innovation isn’t a department at OSIsoft; it’s part of our DNA in everything we do, from software development to attracting and developing our talented workforce. That said, there are some focus areas we prioritize in our research and development program.

Sustainability is one—particularly smart energy, which is central to five of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals. We’re actively exploring new ways to help communities and industries reduce their carbon footprint and costs, while protecting grid resilience and security.

We work with utilities and end use customers on distributed energy resource (DER) adoption and integration. We’re also partnering with organizations like IEEE, NIST, and Linux Foundation (LF) to develop standards to accelerate and scale energy innovation and sustainability.

For example, LF Energy and LF Edge are two open-source projects aiming to reduce development risk, time, and costs. With recognized open frameworks, we hope to engage a wider global community as the IIoT and smart energy economies accelerate.

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Accelerating essential research and education

Using the PI System has helped UC Davis to accelerate its goal toward achieving carbon neutrality by 2025, while becoming a living lab for students.

Academic partnerships

Data education is foundational to solving industry’s deepest challenges. From Carnegie-Mellon and Harvard to Germany’s RWTH Aachen University, we partner with academic institutions in many ways.

Through our Academic Hub, we provide access to PI System software and real-time operations data sets to support valuable research and instruction.

Many universities use the PI System not only to manage and optimize campus operations, but also to become their own real-world, real-time learning environment for tomorrow’s industrial professionals. 

Supporting internships, student capstone research, and academic incubators such as UC Berkeley’s Skydeck are additional ways we’re investing in the future of our industry.

Digital transformation for the process industries: a roadmap

Imagine your process manufacturing plants were running so well, you met all production, safety, environmental, and profitability targets. Your teams could focus on data-driven business improvements. Your company would become an industry leader, and your stakeholders would reap the rewards.

It’s all possible with the proper use and analysis of your existing operations data. In Digital transformation for the process industries: a roadmap, our experts and partners have compiled advice, case studies, templates, and more to light the way.

Visit the publisher to learn more about this practical guide to realizing operational excellence.

Digital transformation for the process industries a roadmap

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