Corporate social responsibility

Community engagement. Diversity and inclusion. Sustainability. We aspire to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility in everything we do.

We care about making a positive impact on our communities

Our commitment to others doesn’t stop with the technology we create. We believe it’s critically important to empower people in the communities where we work and live.

For example, we partnered with Lit San Leandro to create affordable, smart infrastructure in the city where our headquarters are located. This included a fiber-optic loop with the fastest broadband speeds in the United States.

We support and encourage our employees to make a difference

Being helpful is one of our core values—and that extends beyond helping our customers. We encourage and support our employees to help address the world’s social and environmental challenges, large and small.

Through programs like volunteer time off and matching funds for charitable donations, we are committed to creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds and taking care of our planet.

Good corporate citizenship is more than a check box

We are dedicated to taking actions that help create sustainable, diverse, and inclusive communities for this generation and generations to come.

We prioritize recruiting, retaining, and developing a diverse workforce. We work towards improving sustainability in our operations. And our technology enables enterprises across the globe to maximize their own sustainability practices.

employee picking up trash

How can we help you?

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