Control Design Interviews Michael Siemer, OSIsoft’s New President, and Wolfgang Kuchen, SVP of Sales and Marketing

Consultants and plant managers will often make decisions based on rules of thumb, i.e. maxims for operating plants that have been culled through years of experience.

“But what you discover is that many of these rules of thumb are outdated or based on assumptions that don't fit the circumstances. Looking at the data turns out to be a far better way to make a decision,” said Michael Siemer in a recent interview with Control Design.

Last month, OSIsoft made two major executive announcements: Michael Siemer would join as the company's new President in September, and Wolfgang Kuchen would come on-board as the new SVP of Sales and Marketing, beginning in August.

You'll be hearing more from them at PI World and other forums, but they were able to carve out time for a recent interview in which they discussed the industry as well as the future of OSIsoft.

In looking at the technologies that will be driving development at OSIsoft moving forward, Siemer highlighted the key role that cloud and edge technologies will play in the firm's future portfolio. He also emphasized expanded visualization capabilities in an effort to create “an environment where people can leverage data to make better decisions.” He sees a psychological change happening with how companies utilize automation and controls, which he believes is critical for true digital transformation to occur.

Kuchen was asked about business strategy and how IIoT will factor into it, to which he responded that the strategy will differ between business functions (IT vs OT). In looking at the future, Kuchen highlights the key role that technology will play in the company's customer support offerings, with the rise of AR and technologies that can help engineers diagnose issues faster and more efficiently than ever. He also sees AI playing a larger role in the way that new software is developed.

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