Must See Customer Sessions at PI World

PI World.

It's the Burning Man of Operational Data and one of the highlights is always the Industry Track presentations by our customers. In these sessions, industry leaders, engineers, and software developers share how they reduced the risk of injuries to employees (Syncrude), helped one of Asia's megacities get water to over 90% of its citizens (Maynilad), saved a million pounds of corn dogs. (Tyson Foods), and more.

If you haven't registered (or have registered but haven't figured out your schedule) here are some of the customer talk highlights you won't want to miss.

rethinking the modern utility

Kansai and the New Utility Business Model 

Wednesday April 25th, 2:30pm
In many nations, power demand is flattening so utilities are exploring new business models and new sources of revenue. Kansai, one of Japan's leading utilities, will discuss how it's using its learned knowledge to sell efficiency services to others. It has saved one utility $4 million already. 

Bloomberg and the Future of Energy

Wednesday April 25th, 9am
Claire Curry, Bloomberg New Energy Finance's future technology analyst, will highlight some of the trends for the next five years.

Utilities and the Cloud 

Wednesday April 25th, 10:45am and 11:45am
PowerRunner will discuss its analytics for planning renewable assets while Petasense will show how its cloud-based vibration analytics are helping Silicon Valley Power avoid downtime. 

big data goes to school

Driving Down the Cost of College with Data

Wednesday, April 25, 11:45am 
The University of Maryland Baltimore County made headlines this year with a stunning upset in the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament, but that's not the only story on campus. UMBC has also reduced classroom energy by up to 60% and saved $500,000 on upgrades. See the talk Wednesday, April 25th at 11:45.

Texas A&M and the Factory of the Future

Wednesday, April 25th, 10:45am
Learn about what's happening with the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute.  

The Internet of Seafood

Wednesday April 25th, 10:45am
Midway Point in Tasmania is a small community surrounded by some of Australia's most valuable oyster beds. A sewer overflow can have serious consequences. Tasmania Water will talk about a system - based on technology from OSIsoft and Seeq - to detect problems early. BONUS: San Francisco Public Utility Commission (SF PUC) will also be on hand to discuss how they are delivering critical spill data to biologists.

Keeping data centers cool 

Managing the Mega Data Center

Wednesday, April 25th, 2:30pm and 4pm
PayPal and vXchange (one of the fastest growing co-location service providers in the nation) will discuss how they are managing their expanding portfolios in real time down to the rack level. There is also a special appearance by Maya Heat Transfer Technologies on advanced modeling for data centers. 

Aera Energy

Wednesday, April 25th, 10:45am
Subsurface mapping and water injection. Need I say more? An innovative approach to a growing challenge for oil and gas. 

The Internet of Snow Removal

Wednesday, April 25th, 9am
Garant is a leading maker of snow removal equipment. In 2014 it took a digital turn.

data for cleaner air


Data for Cleaner Air

Wednesday, April 25th, 9:45am
Environmental remediation is critical for mining companies. Barrick Gold will show how they are using PI System today to dramatically reduce potential air quality incidents and better control wastewater.

The Building Without (Permanent) Walls

Wednesday, April 25th, 2:30pm
Roche's Building 098, a research facility under construction, won't have fixed inside walls. Instead, researchers will be able to configure them to maximize space. But how do you record (and maintain) the strict temperature, humidity and pressure levels needed for research and development. 

Hershey and the Transformation of Chocolate

Wednesday, April 25th, 10:45am
40% of chocolate in the U.S. comes from Hershey. With data, it's about to get even tastier. 

Not coming to PI World? We record and post all customer talks after the event. Browse past customer talks here