From Big Data to Big Savings: PKN Orlen Combines Real-time Financial and Operational Data

Today, in the age of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), utility companies are seeking to gain more value from their operational data.   Collecting sensor-based asset data isn't enough.  Energy providers want to use data to fine tune their power delivery, improve efficiency, and boost their bottom line.

Transforming big data into smart data is the challenge that the Polish oil and energy group PKN Orlen has recently tackled head on.


As Justyna Dudzińska and Paweł Vogtt outlined during the OSIsoft 2017 User Conference in London, PKN Orlen, the largest industrial producer of electricity and heat in Poland, aimed to achieve a triple objective:

  • Need for a single platform and integrated view of all real-time data to implement net power generation monitoring of the Orlen group power plants.
  • An online live analysis of power plant performance.
  • Corporate level production and financial management, to enable business critical decision making.

A long-time partner of OSIsoft, the company was collecting 326,000 tags of data from 9 locations across 3 countries in Central Europe.  With hundreds of thousands of data streams available in real-time through the PI System, PKN Orlen was now ready to achieve not only technical, but business visibility.

To attain greater efficiency and achieve better financial results at plant level, the company introduced a unified, PI System-based platform with dedicated dashboards that help turn operational numbers into financial insights through analytics.

“We started to find out about the energy business in our company,” said Vogtt during the presentation.   With custom-made dashboards for top management, plant-level managers and even energy traders, executives can now look at the KPIs that drive cost-cutting and business success.

By merging technical data with economics, the company's decision makers are able to visualize efficiency curves, compare benchmarks, and predict trends.  For each plant, management can quickly see: 

  • Marginal cost of production
  • Variable cost of production
  • Net electricity produced
  • Net overall efficiency

If any of the parameters drop, executives can drill down into each plant and examine the cause of reduction of one of the KPIs. For example, they can see plots of net electrical efficiency as a function of net electrical load, electrical load vs gas consumption or each plant's EBIT by minute and hour.

The successful symbiosis between financial and operational performance has earned the PKN Orlen team the Innovative Award for Business Transformation at the OSIsoft User Conference in London.  The company is the first recipient of this award category.

You can watch their full presentation here