Delivering in Real Time: OSIsoft’s Partnership with Esri Brings Space and Time Together

The 38th Annual Esri User Conference in San Diego was another great success, and an opportunity for us to showcase our integration technology.   This year OSIsoft has received the Esri Partner Award for “Delivering in Real-Time”, marking a major milestone in our common journey to deliver real-time data inside Esri's maps.  Award winners were chosen based on demonstrated best practices in their advanced use of Esri technology, and their contribution to taking the ArcGIS Platform's latest features and geographic visualization to the next level.


OSIsoft's operational data infrastructure for enterprises - the PI System - combined with the geospatial data and analytics capabilities in Esri's ArcGIS platform adds a whole new dimension to a situational awareness platform. The integration enables ArcGIS users to see real-time data streaming from machines, equipment and devices spatially distributed on ArcGIS maps.

Released in 2014, the PI Integrator for EsriArcGIS has been incorporated into the operations of a wide swath of OSIsoft customers in power, utilities, facilities and government agencies. SDG&E employs it in many power distribution scenarios, while White House Utility District uses it to locate and repair leaks in their fresh water distribution system - avoiding $15 to $20 million capital expansion as a result. Ørsted reduces maintenance expenses in their offshore wind farms. Peak Reliability, the grid reliability coordinator in the Western U.S., helps their member utilities increase electric grid reliability, with 400,000 data streams updated every 10 seconds. PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS is also part of the real-time energy management platform at NASA Langley Research Center.


Last year the PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS added a rewind bar for rapidly seeing the history of your operations or other phenomena against a map.  With this "Time Enable Feature Layer", our users can now quickly view their equipment performance history and ferret out root causes and other critical issues, or compare the performance of different assets in various locations.