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Rohan Vettiankal20 Oct, 2021

Why we’re retiring PI ProcessBook

Plus, everything you need to know to migrate from PI ProcessBook to PI Vision

After a strong run spanning multiple decades, we are officially retiring PI ProcessBook. As customer needs continue to evolve, so must technology, paving way for innovation. PI Vision, the visualization layer of the on-prem components of the PI System, provides a comprehensive replacement.

Why is PI ProcessBook being retired, and why now?

Simply put, the existing code base is outdated compared to the new products we offer. In addition, security is a top concern for many regulated environments. PI Vision does not rely on outdated technology and brings modern security to critical operations visualization. Officially retiring PI ProcessBook also allows our engineers to focus their efforts on the platform that will support you for the next 25 years and beyond.

So why now? PI Vision 2020 offers a compelling path forward, especially for PI ProcessBook customers. Remote work boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it's made cybersecurity a more critical priority than ever. PI Vision is a highly secure, scalable, and truly modern architecture to support today’s operations.

Why switch to PI Vision?

Never worry about running back to the control room again. PI Vision lets you take your operations data anywhere by giving you access to all your real-time process dashboards through any phone, tablet, or laptop. So whether you’re a technician troubleshooting a piece of equipment on the plant floor, or a plant manager that wants to check on their operations from home, you’ll always have real-time data available at a moment’s notice.

Modern visualization built to scale across the organization. Since PI Vision is installed on a single web server, upgrades only need to be done on a single machine. This spares you the time-consuming process of individually rolling out an upgrade every time a new version or patch is released. And since it’s a web-based application, you can simply copy the URL to instantly share displays with other team members or departments. Maintain a single source of truth and prevent the clutter and confusion of multiple versions of the same displays.

The full power of the PI Server behind your displays. PI Vision leverages the various components of the PI Server to provide users with all the information they need to quickly make decisions. Asset Framework natively integrates with your displays, allowing for streamlined scalability as assets come online or get retired. Event Frames can also be visualized, communicated around, and tracked through your displays to help teams respond to critical issues quickly and keep them aligned. And Notifications allows users to embed links to PI Vision displays so anyone receiving an alert will get instant access to a visual display of the issue.

How can I make the switch?

The process of moving from PI ProcessBook to PI Vision is seamless and ensures that none of your data is lost in the transfer.

Find step-by-step migration instructions on PI Square and visit the OSIsoft Learning YouTube channel for a full walkthrough of the PI ProcessBook to PI Vision migration.

Rohan VettiankalProduct Marketing ManagerRohan Vettiankal is a Product Marketing Manager at AVEVA and focuses on on-premises cloud visualization within AVEVA’s Information Management portfolio. Rohan started off in the support department in 2018 and transitioned to the PMM role in 2020 to help customers gain more value from AVEVA products. He is originally from Chicago and graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Chemical Engineering.
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