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Lev Feigin26 Dec, 2017

Thinking big with PI Vision: three ways visualization drives insights across large industrial enterprises


It's what stands between you and the massive deluge of data proliferated by pervasive sensing and the Internet of Things (IoT).  Without the right visualization application, your asset data may go unrecognized.  With it, your datasets reveal trends, forecast the future and uncover business insights.

That is why OSIsoft created PI Vision, the web-based application built for the digital transformation and Industrial IoT. Offering seamless visibility to operational data, PI Vision puts the power of PI System data at your fingertips - in the control room or on the phone.

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Curious how others in your industry are capitalizing on visualization?  Check out these PI Vision success stories our customers shared during the OSIsoft's Users Conference in London.

Unlocking the Power of Data Across the Entire Enterprise

A2A, Italy's largest multi-utility company, delivers heat, light and water to over two million customers.  Spread across the peninsula from the Italian Alps to the island of Sicily, the company's power plants produce over 35% of electricity from renewable resources.

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To improve its reliability through a unified data infrastructure, A2A adopted the PI System.  Now, the utility company utilizes over 200 PI Vision displays in its central office to monitor data from across four hydroelectric plants and nine thermoelectric plants.

The displays are optimized for vertical mobile screens for the crews out in the field.  Engineers can easily drill down from enterprise dashboards to plant and asset-level displays to see equipment performance, compare planned vs. actual KPIs, monitor dam levels and weather information.

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PI Vision's security features enable crews to see only those displays that are relevant to their roles.   Extensibility allows to enrich PI Vision with new functionality and add custom widgets such as event frame generators and calculators.  Today, A2A has a single view to all operations across its plants, helping the company gain efficiency by centralizing and sharing information.  A2A is planning to add a 3D histogram widget to PI Vision for its waste disposal plant. Learn more

Cutting the Costs of Downtime

SBM Offshore, operator of 14 FPSOs oil production vessels, wanted a better way of injecting water into offshore wells to avoid costly downtime.  To gather data from the world's largest fleet of FPSO vessels, producing 1 million barrels of oil per day, SBM and its service support company Veolia deployed the PI System. Suddenly, PI Vision put everything on a screen in real-time. The rich data flow enabled the company to move from reactive to predictive analytics.   Crews could now see the effectiveness of each water injection cleaning and measure any improvements through different chemicals. Thanks to PI Vision, SBN's FPSOs are now more productive with increased uptime. Contractual penalties have fallen, and operators found themselves in a better position to take pre-emptive actions that result in reduced downtime.  Learn more.


Automating Supply and Demand Across Many Plants

Saline Water Conversion Corporation of Saudi Arabia is the largest desalination firm in the world, supplying 20% of the world's desalinated water. It serves up 4.6 million cubic meters of water a day through its network of 29 desalination plants and 30,400 kilometres of pipes. Unanticipated failures, however, can spell big trouble.

As a result, SWCC has developed more than 400 PI Vision display that let people across the organization monitor key metrics like current consumption, anticipated demand and possible maintenance issues.  Now SWCC uses real-time data, rather than relying on phone calls, as it did before, to coordinate between all of its system's producers and consumers.  Learn more.


Get more information about PI Vision on our website and check out this quick demo.

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