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Lev Feigin02 May, 2018

The PI System goes to the edge and the cloud: big announcements from PI World


Last week at PI World - the biggest operational data conference in San Francisco - Chris Nelson, OSIsoft's Vice President of Software Development, announced the extension of the PI System to the edge and the cloud though our latest strategic initiatives.  Addressing over 2700 attendees at the Hilton's Grand Ballroom, Nelson outlined four major initiatives we are working on in 2018.

1. PI System Goes to the Edge Through Pervasive Data Collection

New types of IoT sensors and wireless gateways are bypassing traditional control networks.  Data is becoming more complex and going dark in silos.  Experts estimate that more than 90% of operational data never gets used, becoming dark data without delivering insights.  “Our responsibility to you is to give you the tools to light up dark data,” said Nelson.


To help you shed light on dark data, OSIsoft is introducing the Pervasive Data Collection initiative, consisting of four components:

  • OSIsoft Message Format (OMF) - a messaging protocol for ingesting data into the OSIsoft infrastructure. The new message format will offer maximum developer flexibility, giving users the freedom to build connectivity between the PI System and virtually any device.

  • FogLAMP - an open source, standards based toolkit that enables developers to build next generation smart sensors, edge and gateway devices - easier, faster, better and cheaper.
  • PI Connectors & Interfaces - an impressive portfolio of data collection technology for everything, ranging from legacy assets to modern IoT sensors.
  • Edge Data Store offers persistent storage for remote assets on the edge to provide a local platform for calculations, visualization and more.

2. Trust Your Data with PI System Health and Improved System Manageability


Nelson also announced two new tools to help companies monitor the health of their data infrastructure and track its components.  The following system manageability tools will be released later this year:

  • PI System Directory provides a convenient inventory of components of the PI System across your enterprise.  The tool lets you see what components are running where and on which version, so you can easily plan wide-scale deployments and quickly prioritize patches.

  • PI System Health monitors the health of your data infrastructure and provides information about data flow.  Spot troubled systems at a glance with a simple dashboard that allows you to drill down for details.  Incident reports and linked knowledge base (KB) articles provide in-context help and guidance to keep your system healthy.


The user interface of the new PI System Health tool that will be released in 2018.

3. PI Vision 4.X

“We have made a lot of investment increasing our visualization capabilities,” said Nelson about the major improvements to PI Vision. “This allows you to reach all of your colleagues on any device with a modern web browser.”

The re-imagined web-based visualization platform will deliver an enhanced experience that will offer cloud deployment options. Customers will be able to use PI Vision on-premises or deploy it in the cloud, and eventually as part of OSIsoft's SaaS offering.

To help customers move forward from PI ProcessBook to PI Vision, OSIsoft will provide a migration tool for PI ProcessBook displays.  Using our migration library, you'll be able to move displays from PI ProcessBook or earlier versions of PI Vision into PI Vision 4.X.


4. OSIsoft Cloud Services

“We are developing an operational data ecosystem that connects customers with best-in-class analytics and their community of vendors and partners,” said Nelson, describing the extension of the PI System  to the cloud through OSIsoft Cloud Services.   

OSIsoft Cloud Services are multi-tenant and composed of microservices, built and deployed in Microsoft Azure public cloud, secured by Azure Active Directory (ADD) and delivered by OSIsoft.  This suite of microservices will be packaged in a variety of ways to provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings to customers and partners.  Initially, OSIsoft Cloud Services will look to enable the following capabilities:


  • Remote Operations Monitoring - monitor assets and processes at the network edge by sending data directly to the cloud and visualizing it in real-time. 

  • Data Science Enablement - enable cloud-based data science for industrial companies who want to tap into unrealized value within their operational data through machine learning and analytics.

  • Connected Community - streamline how industrial companies connect and collaborate with their ecosystem of service providers, analytics providers, and business partners through data sharing, without having to move the data.

OSIsoft Cloud Services will become the main integration point to OSIsoft technologies and will foster an ecosystem of connected communities that can share data and work together to solve business challenges.

To learn more about our latest initiatives, watch the full keynote presentation.

Lev FeiginDigital Campaign ManagerLev Feigin is the Digital Campaign Manager at OSIsoft and has been with the company for over 5 years.
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