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Nadia Riis Thorius 17 Oct, 2019

How Pfizer deployed the PI System to enable production analysis across the organization

For over 170 years, Pfizer has worked to bring breakthroughs that change  patients' lives through medicines, vaccines, and therapeutics around the world. While patients receive treatments in the form of a simple pill or injection, the process of discovering, developing, and manufacturing a drug is incredibly complex. It requires precision research and monitoring, relying heavily on operational data for visibility during the process.

However, for Pfizer's Small Molecule Division in Groton, Connecticut, operational data was siloed and only available within the physical building, increasing manual work, hindering collaboration and creating data latency issues. To reach its goal of doubling the innovation success rate while decreasing time to market, Pfizer needed a new data strategy. Using OSIsoft's PI System™, Pfizer embarked on a journey to digitize the drug discovery process and create a single source of truth for self-service operational insights that are accessible anytime and anywhere.

Read more about how Pfizer deployed the PI System HERE

Watch David Rabon of Pfizer describe how their plan to use the PI System as a means to bring real-time data into the cloud

Watch Pfizer's presentation at PI World 2019 in San Francisco 

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