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Nick D’Orazio06 Apr, 2021

Oyak Cement’s digital transformation journey

Radio PI episode 15
Oyak Cement truck

Digital transformation has massive benefits for many industries, but especially for cement manufacturers. For Oyak Cement, electrical energy and heat energy use in cement production accounts for 70% of variable cost. Oyak realized that increasing energy efficiency by 10% would result in a 4-5% total cost savings. The company stood to benefit huge returns on investment by streamlining operations across plants and making real-time data available to stakeholders. In this episode of Radio PI, Berkan Fidan, performance and process director at Oyak Cement, talks all things smart manufacturing with co-hosts Nick D’Orazio and Martin Provencher.

Oyak faced a common industry challenge—numerous cement plants each collecting huge amounts of data from DCS and SCADA systems without the ability to store data beyond three months. The company also had zero visibility from plant to plant to compare operations. Like many cement manufacturers, Oyak was focused on just five percent of the data it collected.

The company now uses Asset Framework and customized PI Vision dashboards to view real-time heat consumption data from rotary kilns across plants in Turkey all in one place. Oyak put Notifications into place to alert operators of failures and Event Frames to check the mean time between failures. The company is also using Asset Framework templates to collect CO2 emissions data from its plants in anticipation of carbon tax legislation and to reduce future emissions.

The transformation doesn’t stop there. Next phases of the project include machine learning and predictive maintenance. Inspired by the visualization capabilities of PI Vision, Oyak Cement’s digitalization team dreams of incorporating mixed reality into plant oversight, so operators can virtually move through the cement plant. This means more efficient remote work, as well as time and money saved.

Learn more about Oyak Cement’s digital transformation journey in the latest episode of Radio PI.

Nick D’OrazioSenior Media Producer Nick D’Orazio is a senior media producer who loves to tell the story of how people in industrial operations can improve their process efficiency with sensor-based data. He produces the podcast Radio PI from his home office in Phoenix, Arizona. Before moving from his native Delaware to join OSIsoft in 1992 he was a software instructor for a large chemical manufacturer where he trained process operators and plant managers around the world how to collect and analyze their production data.
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