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Jacklin Altman25 Jun, 2019

Give the people what they want! OSIsoft on Gartner Peer Insights

When it comes to picking a new restaurant to eat at, a new salon to get a haircut, or a new doctor's office - people often turn to peer review sites like Yelp. When it comes to Enterprise IT Software, things are no different - hundreds of thousands of people rely on the reviews of others. According to Forrester, modern digital buyers are increasingly self-directed, with 68% preferring to research new products online before making a purchase decision. To that end, Gartner has created Peer Insights for verified individuals involved in all aspects of selecting, deploying, maintaining, and using the products and services reviewed (and is completely anonymous).

Here at OSIsoft, we're thrilled that our customers are writing reviews of the PI System as it applies to IIoT, asset performance management, and meter data management. OSIsoft remains an industry leader across all areas, topping ratings from giants such as GE, Microsoft, and Accenture. We also value the criticism that we receive, as it gives us the customer insight needed to continually refine and improve our product and service.

What are your views of the PI System? Writing a review is completely anonymous and takes less than 10 minutes. Tell your peers what you think of the PI System, and where it could be improved at this link.


 Here's what industry experts are saying about the PI System on as an IIoT provider:

“Rock-solid IoT data collection system from a seasoned provider. We are currently tracking thousands of tags on hundreds of machines, and have made validated business process improvements because of it.”

- US1 Site Technical Manager in the Manufacturing Industry.

“OSIsoft and the PI system are in a class by themselves. They stand apart from all other vendors as the leader and standard for delivering on industry 4.0. OSIsoft is not about hype they are about delivering solid platforms and solutions for providing operational visibility of the physical world of machines.”

- Manager Digital Manufacturing Architect in the Manufacturing Industry

In regard to Asset Performance Management, OSIsoft leads that pack and is the top rated provider, garnering 4.8/5 stars. This means that more organizations prefer OSIsoft to optimize operational assets and reduce unplanned repairs, minimize maintenance costs, and reduce the risk of critical asset failures.

“OSIsoft is an excellent software system and the support is excellent!! The tools provided for visualization are excellent and the implementation is very easy for any IT resource. Support from the vendor is always available and very quick!”

- Solution Integrator in the Energy and Utilities Industry

“OSIsoft is an excellent partner, capable to deliver their solution with great quality as required. Their product is a very complete suite which increases the complexity to configure and startup, but as soon as the product is running, you can see an immediate benefit.”

- Automation System Analyst in the Energy and Utilities Industry

In the world of Meter Data Management, the PI system is another fan favorite for monitoring metered data across the enterprise and sharing it with customers, partners, and market operators.

“The OSIsoft PIMS system can store all the information from various sources and Control System, allowing access to old data with excellent performance.”

- Analyst in the Energy and Utilities Industry

“Great product. Easy to use after a quick training.”

- Automation Analyst in the Manufacturing Industry

While we're thrilled about the praise we've received from our customers, we also take their constructive feedback very seriously, such as:

“Could be a little more easy to plug into data visualization tools.”

We're proud to work with over 200 partners providing everything from system installation to IIOT applications to advanced analytics, all furthering the value of the Pi System. We understand that some integrations are more seamless than others, which is why we urge customers to take advantage of our dedicated 24/7 support team. Our trained engineers are happy to assist with plugging the system into various tools, saving you time and getting you up and running faster.

Please take a few moments to leave your review of The PI System here! Your insights are extremely valuable to both OSIsoft and external firms considering PI as a solution to their data needs, and the review is completely anonymous.

Jacklin AltmanDigital Media ManagerJacklin is the Digital Media Manager and local food critic at OSIsoft. With over 7 years of experience in marketing, software, and social media, she writes about all things tech, marketing, and the PI System.
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