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Jacklin Altman02 Feb, 2021

Sustainability is the secret sauce: OSIsoft named Cleantech Graduate of the Year


You might not think of the industrial economy – which includes heavy industries like manufacturing, mining, and power generation – as the natural place to find the 2021 Cleantech Graduate of the Year.  However, sustainability has always been part of our DNA.

The Cleantech 100 is a list of top private companies across multiple sectors making an impact in clean technology. After receiving Cleantech 100 recognition several times over the past few years as a private company, OSIsoft was named this year’s most successful “graduate” to move from privately-held to publicly-held when it becomes part of AVEVA.

Whether they’re ensuring safer drinking water, accelerating carbon neutrality,  or even reinventing the toilet, OSIsoft customers understand that the road to sustainability starts with data. The PI System is the data platform they rely on to make facilities run more efficiently, make manufacturing processes accomplish more with less, and enable the smart grid.

Accepting the award on January 20, OSIsoft founder Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy shared the story of OSIsoft’s beginnings forty years ago. 


Initially he set out to build a consulting firm, but Pat recognized how difficult that would be without the right data. “We built the software [PI System] for ourselves.” There was no intention to sell the software – just to leverage it to provide consulting services. Now, “our systems are used throughout the world.”

When asked how data has played a role in overall sustainability, Pat highlighted that there is “a partnership between good intentions and technology, and a lot of the technology is in the data.” Citing the power grid as an example, Pat emphasized new sensors which can help detect potential problems before they occur, extending the life of legacy equipment. “It’s in the data.”

There was never a ‘green epiphany,’ rather, a simple realization that industrial professionals needed access to better data to run their businesses more efficiently. They need better data to save energy, improve production, reduce waste, stay compliant, keep employees safe, and do all the above while minimizing their impact on the environment. Big companies have realized that sustainability isn’t just good corporate citizenship, it’s good business.

As OSIsoft embarks on its next chapter as part of AVEVA, Pat highlighted what a technical process it was to find the right acquiring partner. He ultimately chose one which could help grow the scope, scale, and transformative potential of the business. In other words, it was all about sustainability. It always has been.

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Jacklin AltmanDigital Media ManagerJacklin is the Digital Media Manager and local food critic at OSIsoft. With over 7 years of experience in marketing, software, and social media, she writes about all things tech, marketing, and the PI System.
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