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Jacklin Altman26 Sep, 2018

OSIsoft launches value added reseller program

It is the “Great IIoT Hoax.” The myth: if a company can find the right technology or implement a magical process, they will be the next digital transformation headline.

The reality: real and sustainable digital transformation is complex and messy - especially when it happens on a global scale. It will take more than a single solution or vendor to evolve the global enterprise.

Put simply - digital transformation takes a village. 


At PI World 2018 Barcelona, OSIsoft announced it was expanding its village of partners - the Partner EcoSphere - to include value-added resellers (VAR).

Qualifying resellers - typically System Integrators, Technology or Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners - can combine their technology and services with the PI System to create solutions or subscription-based services for managing or optimizing operations at utilities, oil refineries, manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities. 
OSIsoft also announced three initial value-added resellers in Latin America.

  • ECN, a system integrator in northern Mexico that has created Suite Met, a software suite for the metals and mining industry. Suite Met includes modules that use data from the PI System to simulate milling load composition, analyze metallurgical recovery across different ores, and a multiple linear regression tool for better understanding the relationship between different variables. 
  • ATISoft, a system integrator in Mexico City with a specialty in GIS and business process optimization. ATISoft's cloud-based service GeoMAPEX collects RFID data from equipment, tools, and workers and provides location-based visualizations.
  • LYNX, a system integrator that has participated in over 600 major operational projects, will deliver integration services and products for yard management, fleet management, tracking, anti-collision, and loop control. LYNX has already worked on projects with OSIsoft for Pacasmayo, Rumo, Femsa, Biodiesel, Apodi and Novelis Guarani.

Stay tuned as in future months OSIsoft will announce additional VARs in Europe and Asia.

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Jacklin AltmanDigital Media ManagerJacklin is the Digital Media Manager and local food critic at OSIsoft. With over 7 years of experience in marketing, software, and social media, she writes about all things tech, marketing, and the PI System.
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