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Lev Feigin25 Oct, 2018

Is vibration data the gateway drug for predictive maintenance?

Predictive maintenance is the crown jewel of most IIoT programs. It's the first thing people tend to tackle in their digital transformation strategy. And invariably many of these projects revolve around rotating equipment, which by their nature are the pieces of equipment prone to maintenance call. But where do you start with predictive maintenance of rotating equipment like motors, pumps, and compressors? Steve Edwards, a Technical Advisor at OSIsoft, argues that vibration monitoring for rotating equipment with smart wireless sensors at the Edge is the answer.  “The low costs of connecting these data sources to the PI System allow you to stream and store life expectancy on machines that have never been monitored,” notes Edwards in his technical blog on OSIsoft's PI Square.   “This will create a tremendous boost in reliability and safety performance for many companies.

Unplanned rotating machine failure drives up costs and risks injury in nearly all plants.   By combining the PI System with smart, wireless vibration sensors at the Edge, process engineers can cut down inspections, drive safety and significantly reduce maintenance costs.


Traditional vibration monitoring uses contracted experts, hard-wired sensors, dedicated processors, and dense data storage.  The PI System allows operational teams to keep machine health decisions within the reach of your operations staff, without overspending on complex layers of contracted service-providers.    

Want to learn how to implement a predictive maintenance program based on vibration monitoring at your plant?  Check out Steve Edward's blog and technical paper with best practices aimed at process engineers and plant managers.

Technical Paper - Using PI Server Analytics to See Rotating Equipment Life Expectancy

Lev FeiginDigital Campaign ManagerLev Feigin is the Digital Campaign Manager at OSIsoft and has been with the company for over 5 years.
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