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Jacklin Altman10 Feb, 2020

Cementing connected manufacturing in the industry

Digital Transformation is reshaping the cement manufacturing space. While many companies are investing millions of dollars in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), advanced analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), many organizations aren't truly realizing the value of their investments, with McKinsey reporting a mere 16% of cement manufacturers actually achieving their digital transformation goals. So why are so many companies falling short? Because the value of data isn't necessarily in the data itself - it's in the insights.

In an equipment-heavy industry like cement, successfully maintaining assets is key. However, relying on scheduled maintenance is not enough.  Companies must be proactive and implement condition-based and predictive maintenance by transforming their real-time data with analytics, anticipating problems before they happen. This leads to improved asset reliability, less downtime, and time and money saved.

Peruvian cement producer Unacem is a great example of the impact of a connected operation. The firm was looking to reduce costs and operator workload while maintaining product quality. They created a stabilization road map, automating and standardizing their processes and KPIs, and creating a baseline for each operator. The team then created KPIs for each machine, product, shift, hour, and operator. With proper metrics in place, Unacem used real-time data and notifications to compare actual performance to the projected metrics, allowing them to identify deviations and take corrective action immediately. Operators now have access to the right insights at the right time to optimize the entire production process and positively impact the bottom line.  Unacem improved cement milling run-time by anywhere from 11-17% and increased their profits by US$6 million in the first year alone.

Cementing a connected manufacturing strategy is no small feat. To truly democratize their data and achieve digital transformation, firms must make a conscious, business-aligned effort to revolutionize how their business operates.

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