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Lev Feigin27 Sep, 2018

Caterpillar integrates OSIsoft connected services for CAT asset intelligence

What do we talk about, when we talk about Caterpillar?

Most of us associate the 93-year-old company with its deep-yellow bulldozers, excavators and tractors milling the earth's crust on the shoulders of highways.  Few people think of Caterpillar's role on the high seas.  But guess what? Caterpillar is one of world's top manufacturers of marine engines: epic-sized, diesel-powered workhorses propelling cruise liners, container ships and tug boats across all sorts of waterways.

With a slogan of “Built for It,” Caterpillar prides itself on delivering high-quality marine products so its clients can see return on investment. However, in a digital age, return on investment is no longer limited to equipment functionality, especially for ships. It's about using sensor data from those assets to improve vessel performance and maintenance across the whole lifecycle of the asset. Which is why recently Caterpillar has also become a data company.

For today's maritime transportation industry reducing a vessel's total fuel burn is absolutely critical for success and sustainability. Fuel alone can be 50 percent or more of the total lifetime cost of a ship: reducing it by even a few percentage points can mean millions in savings a year. New safety and environmental regulations, such as the International Marine Organization's requirement that sulfur content of fuels be lowered to 0.5 percent mass/mass from 3.5 percent by 2020, will further require shipping and port operations to improve their situational awareness.

Enter Cat Asset Intelligence, Caterpillar's IIoT solution designed to dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership of marine engines.  The platform is a suite of subscription-based AI services for analyzing fuel consumption and equipment health engineered for diesel generators and other marine equipment from multiple brands, not just Cat equipment.  

This week at PI World in Barcelona, Caterpillar announced that it has integrated OSIsoft's Connected Services into its Cat Asset Intelligence platform.

The two data platforms make a perfect IIoT pair.  A selected set of cloud-based services, Connected Services is designed to help manufacturers and service providers access sensor-based data from their customers' remote assets.  OSIsoft's Connected Services provide a data fabric for Cat Asset Intelligence platform to collect and store operational data from marine engines. Working together, Connected Services and Cat Asset Intelligence will become a new standard for asset monitoring and analytics for maritime shipping.


 A pump failure-the blue line-predicted through Cat Asset Intelligence and OSIsoft's PI System.

Cat Asset Intelligence has already accrued 40 million hours of machine learning and analytics refinement - that's 22,000 years! - from monitoring the performance of its customers' engines. Some of the early success stories of combining Cat Asset Intelligence and OSIsoft technology for marine customers include:

  1. Caterpillar advised a company with RoRo vessels, massive ships used to haul heavy equipment like bulldozers, on the optimal time to clean its hulls to reduce drag. By shifting from scheduled cleaning, the company is slated to save $450,000 in fuel per vessel per year in reduced fuel consumption.
  2. Cat Asset Intelligence notified an inland tugboat operator of problems with its diesel engine from a third-party manufacturer seven, four, and two days in advance by analyzing fuel pump supply pressure, engine performance, and other data.
  3. A cruise line is expected to save $1.5 million per ship in reduced fuel consumption through Cat Asset Intelligence.

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