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Mary-Grace Calosso17 Feb, 2021

Accelerate your digital transformation with OSIsoft Premier Partners

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Real-time operations data is the lifeblood of your business. Harnessing and using this data is essential for optimizing the performance of your assets. OSIsoft has over 500 partners who provide various services and applications to maximize your PI System investment and accelerate your digital transformation. For those companies wishing to accelerate their digital transformation with solutions that span edge, plant, and enterprise deployment models, OSIsoft’s Premier Partners can help.

The newly introduced Premier Partner program recognizes some of the top-performing partners in the OSIsoft Partner EcoSphere. These system integrators are proven, trusted solution providers with experience in multiple essential industries. They bring industry expertise, PI System knowledge, and a wide range of technologies to deliver value-added solutions to their customers. Premier Partners have proven experience installing and supporting proven use cases for PI System data – and discovering new ones.

This invitation-only program is offered to top-achieving OSIsoft partners who:

  • Have a proven track record of successful PI System engagements
  • Are rated highly in customer surveys
  • Have specialists who hold OSIsoft accreditations to ensure customer confidence in their installation and configuration capabilities
  • Have worked jointly with OSIsoft on one of the following:
    • Selling a large PI system expansion
    • Implementing OSIsoft’s newer products (OSIsoft Cloud Services, Edge Data Store) and delivering new use cases with the PI System
    • Bringing the PI System to a new OSIsoft customer

There are currently 13 Premier Partners in North America and 31 worldwide. From enhancing your PI System with data sharing to enabling remote operations, the Premier Partners’ experience can help accelerate your digital transformation. 

Our North American Premier Partners offer numerous solutions for diverse industries. Here are just a few:

CSE ICON, Inc. leveraged the data from a midstream oil and gas company’s compressor stations to gain better operational insights through integration of the PI System with compressor modelling software. They improved operations by integrating the PI System with their enterprise asset management system.

DSA, Inc. significantly improved a large university’s utilities and facilities departments’ ability to monitor campus-wide operations and reduced incident response time using Asset Framework and PI Vision.

DST Controls helped a large water utility re-organize production information architecture with the PI System to keep track of 10+ billion gallons of clean water.

InCentrik used the PI System to scale the collection of chemical process data and easily integrate multiple third-party software into a single cohesive data platform. The result was increased production and operational efficiency, improved quality control, and reduced downtime and product loss.

LSI - Logical Systems, LLC provided state-of-the-art real-time monitoring and analytics capabilities for a regulated electric and natural gas provider.

Maya HTT deployed an OSIsoft Cloud Services-based outlier detection and anomaly detection project that pin-pointed early signs of a major operational issue for the bulk shipping industry.

Mera Development Corporation implemented a PI System that consolidated and standardized operations data and applied analytics to better support 100 power generation facilities.

Pimsoft Inc. deployed the PI System to aggregate both process and lab data and then implemented Sigmafine’s quality tracking to infer material composition and qualities when lab data was not available. This process enabled their customers to improve their supply chain management with reliable monthly production and average unit efficiency.

Radix Engineering and Software installed the PI System and used  Asset Framework and PI Vision as an advisory system tool for operating decisions, process monitoring, condition-based maintenance, and advanced analytics in a cogeneration plant. The customer reduced operation costs by 3% or $900,000 per year by making real-time decisions based on current energy market prices.

The RoviSys Company used Asset Framework and PI Vision for a large packaging producer to create multi-functional groups that visualized and used industrial data from the plant’s real-time operations. As a result, the company identified opportunities to improve asset performance and maintenance. 

Stone Technologies, Inc. installed Asset Framework and PI Vision as an advanced foundation for process monitoring, condition-based maintenance, and advanced analytics in a food and beverage plant. This revealed a large waste stream thanks to new visibility from PI System data.

TQS Integration
helped to secure the business of a large pharmaceutical manufacturer by setting up a trial PI System to show batch data for products at the site, as well as imported data, in just two days. The success of that trial led to an Enterprise Agreement with one of the most prominent pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in the world.

TSI - Triencon Services, Inc. brought data to the forefront of energy decisions by using the PI System to enable real-time monitoring, analytics, and geospatial capabilities for US military regional energy centers worldwide.

When you're looking to go further with the PI System, you can depend on Premier Partners to help accelerate your digital transformation. Learn more about our Partner EcoSphere and how they've helped drive customer success.

Mary-Grace CalossoPartner Marketing ManagerMary-Grace Calosso is the Partner Marketing Manager at OSIsoft, where she focuses on driving value for the partner EcoSphere through integrated marketing initiatives. She has over 25 years experience in industrial cybersecurity, biotech and other tech-related industries.
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