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Lora O'Haver19 Jul, 2021

Real-time streaming of contextualized data now available in OCS

Real-time data streaming in OCS will help operational engineers spot and solve industrial problems.
As of February 2022, AVEVA Data Hub is the official name for the product formerly known as OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS).

Historically, engineering and operations were the biggest users of a company’s operations data, but that’s changing. Industrial digital transformation is driving new users to look for value in real-time performance data. As more people require data, the underlying data platform must expand as well. The latest release of OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS), the cloud-native, SaaS complement to the PI System, simplifies remote asset monitoring and empowers teams to do more with their data. With OCS, industrial companies can aggregate operations data from across a distributed environment and provide secure access to any authorized user—whether they work in a plant, a remote location, for the enterprise, or for an ecosystem partner.

New features provide full automation of the streaming and contextualization of data associated with a specific asset type. This asset-based visualization makes it faster and simpler for operations engineers to spot inconsistencies, solve problems, and prevent downtime. More intuitive data views also enable analysts and data scientists to quickly develop new algorithms and find opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Equipment manufacturers and service providers can use real-time data streaming across public networks to offer high-value services to their industrial clients.

Leveraging OCS as our cloud platform of choice allows us to provide new, high-value remote monitoring and data analysis services to our clients.
Eric Bratton
Chief Operating Officer at CosaTron
OCS was first launched in 2019 to democratize access to operations data through browser-based data inquiry and an easily scaled centralized data hub. This SaaS-based historian aggregates operations data collected from a company’s multiple operating sites, as well as from individual remote assets and IIoT devices. OCS lets teams share data visualizations in common workspaces and has enabled equipment manufacturers and service providers to offer customized solutions to their clients.

CosaTron, a provider of air purification systems, will be using OCS as part of its air monitoring service to present customers with indisputable evidence of indoor air quality in the wake of COVID-19. Eric Bratton, Chief Operating Officer at CosaTron, notes, “Leveraging OCS as our cloud platform of choice allows us to provide new, high-value remote monitoring and data analysis services to our clients.”

OCS will enable many more use cases for complex sequential and time-based operations data. “Whereas the PI System has historically dominated the plant-level operations data management market, OCS has extended that leadership outside the plant with its cloud-native distributed design,” said Laurent Garrigues, Leader of Industrial Information Product Management, AVEVA. “As part of the PI System, OCS is the superhighway for streaming operations data into and through the cloud, to people and applications across large industrial ecosystems.”

OCS is deployed in Microsoft Azure and available in the Azure Marketplace so data from any sensor, edge device, asset or plant can stream directly into OCS, automatically be contextualized, and then delivered to a cloud-based data lake or any other connected application.

Lora O'HaverSenior Product Marketing ManagerLora has over 20 years of experience in data management, cloud computing, and computer networking. She currently focuses on understanding and writing about the various ways industrial customers use the PI System to improve operating efficiency and production, reduce costs, and achieve digital transformation.
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