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Rohan Vettiankal18 Oct, 2021

PI Vision 2021 – What’s new?

PI Vision

PI Vision is the fastest and easiest way for PI Server customers to view their real-time operations data. This visualization tool allows engineers and operators to access real-time data through displays and dashboards from any phone, tablet, or laptop. The latest release of PI Vision 2021 on October 11, 2021, includes exciting new features for customers. Administrators will have more ways to manage PI Vision across their organizations, and users can use new tools to gain insight into their operations. This post will cover a few of the highlights from this new release. For a full overview and demonstration of the new features in PI Vision 2021, be sure to tune in to AVEVA PI World.

Asset-based calculations

PI Vision 2020 introduced PI Vision Calculations to enable you to perform simple ad-hoc calculations within your displays using PI tags. In PI Vision 2021 we’re expanding that capability to include Asset Framework (AF) attributes as well.

You can perform basic ad-hoc calculations with any available AF attributes and output the results directly onto the display to be used with any PI Vision symbol. Attributes that are used in PI Vision Calculations will also be compatible with any of the asset-relative use cases that are currently available in PI Vision (asset swap, collections, etc.). Once you create an asset-based calculation, it will continue to adjust as the context of the display changes. This saves you from redoing calculations for each asset and provides you with a seamless visualization experience.

PI Vision drag and drop

Offline display management

PI Vision 2021 also makes it easier to transfer displays between any existing PI Vision servers, regardless of location or network. Earlier versions of PI Vision helped you move displays between existing servers but required you to make a connection between the source and destination servers. Making this link could be tricky if your destination server is on a restricted network or if you were trying to share displays with other business units or external partners.

Now the PI Vision 2021 display utility includes the option to export displays to a local folder. You can simply transfer the exported files to the destination server and import displays into a different PI Vision installation.

PI Vision diagram

You can also use an API to automate the display transfer process. The API allows you to programmatically perform the same functions as the display utility. You can create a script that will take a weekly backup of your production server or export the most recent version of your favorite displays to share with partners and colleagues.

PI Vision diagram


PI Vison 2021 also includes a new snap-to-grid capability that will keep your displays clean and organized. You can toggle on snap-to-grid to make a fully customizable grid appear. PI Vision symbols will latch on to the desired grid point to create a clean and customized visualization environment.

PI Vision snap to grid example

These features and more are currently available in PI Vision 2021. To see a full walk-through of all the new features, check out our demonstration at AVEVA PI World.

Rohan VettiankalProduct Marketing ManagerRohan Vettiankal is a Product Marketing Manager at AVEVA and focuses on on-premises cloud visualization within AVEVA’s Information Management portfolio. Rohan started off in the support department in 2018 and transitioned to the PMM role in 2020 to help customers gain more value from AVEVA products. He is originally from Chicago and graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Chemical Engineering.
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