• OSIsoft Cloud Services: Sharing Data in Real-Time

    Industrial digitalization and globalization is generating more data and new opportunities to leverage data.  Data that can be shared and used to power new applications that deliver increased operational efficiency and support new business models. At the same time the cloud offers a scalable, elastic and centralized environment to aggregate data for reporting, advanced analytics and third party applications. OSIsoft's Cloud Services are designed to meet today's digital transformation needs by connecting in real-time data from PI Systems, to people, analytics and applications for enterprises and communities to realize the value of their data.

  • PI Cloud Connect: Your Many to Many PI Systems Connection

    PI Cloud Connect makes it easy to share data between PI Systems - both inside and outside your enterprise. You can publish data and grant access to other PI Cloud Connect users so that they can subscribe to that data. PI Cloud Connect secures and brokers communication between the publisher and subscriber, even when they are outside your organization.

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    What is PI Cloud Connect?

  • On the Horizon - Additional Cloud Services

    The physical and economic feasibility of deploying more sensors and data collecting devices means more data than ever is becoming available. Data that spans not just industrial processes, but whole enterprises and their community of vendors and partners.  To take advantage of this data OSIsoft is developing a new set of Cloud Services to support customers and partners delivering applications that require real-time capture, processing and sharing of very large numbers of assets and operational data. 

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