Never Underestimate the Power of a Smart Engineer

Get into any conversation with Pat Kennedy, and you're likely to hear one of his mantras, “never underestimate the power of a smart engineer.”  It's true, you get data to the right people and their efficiency or production analyses seem like divine inspiration.  Let them get their hands on the software, and who knows what'll happen.

That's what makes all the OSIsoft Users Conference presentations so fascinating. It's a chance to see what incredible applications people create, all starting with the same PI System building blocks.

Ansaldo Energia did exactly that with 3D asset modeling, which they showcased in their talk “ADA and APEX: A Global Diagnostics Platform For Power Generation.”  Ansaldo Energia is Italy's largest supplier, installer and service provider for power generation plants and equipment. Their total installed and controlled capacity is currently at 218GW with 43GW going under control in 2015 alone. They have a particular focus on gas turbines with 80GW of their total installed and controlled capacity in simple cycle or combined cycle modes. 

Ansaldo Energia teamed up with OSIsoft partner TQService to explore 3D asset modeling and global mapping of power generation sites.  With these visualizations, engineers will be able to troubleshoot faster by freely manipulating and rotating images of the asset to quickly identify vibration and temperature variations.  An intuitive way to navigate around the globe will allow them to get a bird's eye view (a very high-flying bird!) to quickly check on key stats and events that may impact their end customers.  All of this was achieved with an extensibility model that is available as a community technology preview (CTP) with the latest version of PI Coresight.

ansaldo energia

What was impressive about the talk overall is how you see their evolution over the years to accommodate geographical and operational expansions as both technology and their business landscape changed.  They're using the full PI System stack, from classics like PI ProcessBook to modern components like PI Asset Framework, to keep their Advanced Diagnostic Analysis (ADA) service at the forefront of technology

As their reach grew globally, they needed to shrink the distance between their centers located in Italy and US.  A lot of companies are cloud-curious yet also hesitant, but not Ansaldo Energia.  They tackled that challenge HEAD ON. They moved several on-prem PI System components into the cloud with no loss of data, no interruption to service.

Want the story first-hand?  Hear Ansaldo Energia deliver this presentation by following the link below:

If you're curious about the product to which they added custom widgets for 3D modeling, check out this PI Coresight talk, also delivered at the EMEA UC