Chemicals & Petrochemicals

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Nine of the top ten global chemical companies use the PI System.

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Chemical companies need secure, efficient ways to communicate and collaborate across multiple plants and global locations. They also face stiff regulatory pressures, merger and acquisition issues, and volatile raw materials and energy costs. To stay competitive, manufacturers must adopt flexible, integrated operational networks and processes that evolve with changing business needs and compliance regulations.

Chemical companies worldwide use the OSIsoft ® PI System ® to provide the real-time data infrastructure and collaboration tools they need to meet key challenges, including:

  • Optimizing production
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Mitigating risk and achieving regulatory compliance

Optimize production and increase efficiency.

  • Reducing batch cycle times and increasing batch repeatability
  • Reducing off-spec batches and production
  • Minimizing grade transition times
  • Increasing product yields
  • Implementing six-sigma initiatives
  • Supporting condition-based maintenance
  • Overall equipment effectiveness
  • Coordinating the supply chain, transportation systems, production schedules and product shipments.


  Bayer MaterialScience  

Bayer MaterialScience regards process data as a critical enterprise asset for continuously improving its manufacturing processes.

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Become more energy efficient.

  • Identify manufacturing opportunities to implement energy-conservation modes between production runs.
  • Consolidate utilities data from many different legacy systems into one common system and make the information accessible to employees in real time through a Web browser.
  • Create a single, accurate, real-time data source tracking energy inputs and consumption across plants, enabling people to identify energy-use and emissions-level reductions.
  • Automate corrective action when preset energy thresholds are breached.

  •   Eastman Kodak  

    Kodak Park PI infrastructure leads to identification of significant energy saving practices, and power generation process optimization and improvement.

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Mitigate risk and comply with regulations more efficiently.

  • Automate documentation and records creation for regulatory and environmental agencies.
  • Resolve batch process exceptions quickly by identifying root anomaly causes and enabling employees to take appropriate corrective action.
  • Ensure batch production quality standards at all times through real-time monitoring.  


    Rhodia has been using OSIsoft products to improve their processes which have, within a short time frame, generated savings.

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