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2014 - Users Conference - San Francisco

  Opening Comments OSIsoftChristoph PapenfussGeneral Presentation Resources  
  The Power of Data – Decision Ready in Real-time OSIsoftJenny LintonGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Moving Toward a Real-time World: Event Traffic, Data Ecosystems and Collaborative Innovation OSIsoftDr. J. Patrick KennedyGeneral Presentation Resources  
  System Reliability through the Polar Vortex – Columbia Pipeline Group Columbia Pipeline GroupEmily RawlingsOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Put Yourself on the Map: The Fusion of the PI System & Esri ArcGIS EsriJack DangermondGeneral Presentation Resources  
  2014 Releases: Customers Perspectives OSIsoftRay HallGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Realizing the Power of (Your) Data MicrosoftJoel CherkisGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Coming to a PI System Near You OSIsoftMark HughesGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Connecting Web and Mobile Applications to the PI System OSIsoftDan NoonenGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Why the Internet of Things Mega-Trend Will Increase the Value of Your PI Infrastructure OSIsoftEnrique HerreraGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Detect, Visualize and Act: How to Provide Context to Critical Event OSIsoftTodd BrownGeneral Presentation Resources  
  PI System 101: Basics for Beginners OSIsoftStuart CollinsGeneral Presentation Resources  
  The Power of a Connected Supply Chain OSIsoftLaurent GarriguesGeneral Presentation Resources  
  What Should I Do to Harden my PI System Against Cyber Threats? OSIsoftBryan OwenGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Connecting Space And Time - OSIsoft and Esri OSIsoftMichelle KuieeGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Improving Operational Performance with the PI System Wheelabrator Technologies Inc.Doug Reed Power & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  The PI System, Remote Diagnostics and the Collaborative Supply Chain OSyS, part of the Rolls Royce GroupNick WardOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Realizing Business Value from PI Manual Logger Applications MethanexAyman MassoudChemicals & Petrochemicals Presentation Resources  
  Jump-starting your PI AF Implementation by Leveraging Existing Enterprise Databases Hydro QuebecMathieu ViauPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Smart Batch Monitoring with VBA Improves Problem Identification ArkemaKelsey DuffyChemicals & Petrochemicals Presentation Resources  
  The Power of Data - Different Users, Same Benefit China National Bluestar (Group)Yuelong SuChemicals & Petrochemicals Presentation Resources  
  Data Validation Module Supports Real-time Decision-Making Process CEMEXRaul RoelMaterials Mines Metals & Metallurgy Presentation Resources  
  Innovation around the PI System: Paris Water Supply Veolia Eau d'île de FranceGuillaume GallonPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Enhanced Decision-Making through Integration of Real-time and Business Data ChevronErnest GarnerOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Monitoring Implementation for Measuring Points and Pipelines of PEMEX PemexRuben Leo RoblesOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Product Quality Giveaway Reduction Program Supported by PI System MOL, PlcZsolt NagyOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Enhancing Real-time Process and Operation Monitoring PETRONASMusreen AzwanOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  PI Coresight 2014: Put PI ProcessBook in Your Pocket OSIsoftTom LebayGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Raise the IQ of Your Data Sources with Intelligent PI Connectors OSIsoftChris CoenGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Unleash the Power of Big Data OSIsoftMatt ZieglerGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Manual Entry in the Palm of Your Hand OSIsoftLaurie DieffenbachGeneral Presentation Resources  
  PI Batch Users: Batch Migration to PI Event Frames OSIsoftTodd BrownGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Advance Your Investment in the PI Infrastructure: PI Server 2014 OSIsoftSteve KwanGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Evolution of the OSIsoft Developer Community: What You Need To Know OSIsoftDaniel NoonenGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Connecting the Inquisitive Enterprise: OSIsoft and Microsoft Power BI OSIsoftCurt HertlerGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Eventful Reporting with PI DataLink 2014 OSIsoftMatt ZieglerGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Experience with PI Cloud Connect For JV Data Sharing Hess/Industrial EvolutionSimon WrightOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Implementation of PI System as Tool for Generating Operations Reports Pacific Rubiales EnergyBernardo Tabares Oil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Estrategia de Ventanas Operativas en PEMEX (Strategy for Operating Windows at PEMEX) PEMEXCarlos Alberto Guevara DiezOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Using the PI System for Full-Featured Vibration Monitoring MetrixSteve SabinGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Emerson and OSIsoft Agreement Delivers DeltaV'sAdvanced Continuous Historian Powered by OSIsoft Technology EmersonChris FeltsGeneral Presentation Resources  
  PI System at ENAP: From Information Silos to a Corporate-wide Real-time Data Infrastructure - A Service Model ENAPSergio Edgardo Garcia RiosOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  CPMS Environmental Monitoring at Natural Gas Transmission Facilities Southern California Gas Company Zacharie MuepoPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Using PI System to Aggregate, Analyze, and Visualize Data Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS)Robert LaneGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Optimizing Asset Reliability with the Health Rating Program SunCoke EnergyScott LarsonPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Syngenta Enogen® Business Case Study: Our Evolution to Connected Services Syngenta EnogenMark SatherGeneral Presentation Resources  
  The Way We Experience Insight (BI and Big Data) MicrosoftPatrick BaumgartnerGeneral Presentation Resources  
  ADM’s Journey to an Enterprise Agreement Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM)Scott HarmeierGeneral Presentation Resources  
  FIELD MOUS: A Technical Data Repository for Enabling JIT Decision Making Maynilad Water Services Francisco Castillo, Ph.D., PMPPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Customer Presentation Highlights n/an/aGeneral Presentation Resources  

2014 - Industry Session - Oil and Gas and Petrochemical

  Welcome, Logistics,and Agenda Review OSIsoftCraig Harclerode Oil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  The Energy Revolution - Taking Advantage of the Inflection Point in Data and Information - Craig Haclerode & Michael Graves, OSIsoft OSIsoftCraig HarclerodeOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Proactive Critical Rotating Equipment Monitoring for Upstream Safety and Production Operations ServelecRonald Holden Oil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Syngenta Enogen Team - Process for Capturing and Sharing Ethanol Plant Data using PI Asset Framework Syngenta SeedsMark SatherOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Using the PI System to Improve Safety at Suncor’s SAGD Operations Suncor EnergyTom LuoOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Realizing Value with PI Coresight in Heat Recovery SunCoke EnergyScott LarsonOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  PG&E Gas PI-Powered, Super-Sized, Situational-Awareness Video Wall PG&ECindy ChangOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  PI System for Reliable Environmental & Sustainability Management Dolphin EnergyOsama Al-EjjiOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Update on Marathon Oil's MaraDrill(TM) PI-based Optimization Solution Marathon OilKen StartzOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Time and Depth Based Analytics and Visualization in the PI System OSIsoft Ales SoudekOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Integrating Predictive Models and Microsoft BI - A New Age in PvA Analytics OSIsoftCurt Hertler Oil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Update on Development of Key PI System Interfaces for Oil and Gas OSIsoftChris CoenOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Using Data and Information to Help Solve the Sustainability Equation OSIsoftAndrew FanaraOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  Closing OSIsoftMichael GravesOil & Gas Presentation Resources  

2014 - Industry Session - Power Generation

  Curtailments, Stoppages and Other Ways to PI Event Frame the Wind Iberdrola RenewablesBrandon LakePower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Trends in Solar Performance Monitoring Power Factors LLC Steve HanawaltPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Fleet Optimization through Process Information DTE EnergySumanth Makunur Power & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Value of Asset-based PI System in Power Generation OSIsoftChris NelsonPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Technology Innovation and Condition Based Monitoring Exelon NuclearMohammed YousufPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Analyzing Outage Impacts Using PI Event Frames and Versify NaturEnerDevon YatesPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Alarm System for Structural Monitoring of Itaipu Dam Using PI System Parque Tecnológico ItaipuAirton Bordin Jr. Power & Utilities Presentation Resources  

2014 - Industry Session - Transmission and Distribution, Smart Grid

  Welcome OSIsoftKevin P. WalshPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Use of PI System in the Electric Energy Management System of Brazil ONSJose Renato Domingues de Souza Power & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  The Automation of Converting SCADA EMS Displays to PI WebParts Pepcoholdings, Inc.Li LuoPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Trusting the Data: Analytics and Visualization ComEdJohn JunaPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Real-time Event Detection of Microgrid Dynamics UCSDRaymond De CallafonPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  AMI Analytics & Power Transformer Simulation Laboratory for Proactive Maintenance II Hydro QuebecLuc VoulignyPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  PI AF & Notifications in Distribution Operations San Diego Gas and ElectricKhoa VoPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Web-based Visualizations with the PI System at PG&E Electric Distribution PG&ENathanael ChangPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  DobleARMS and PI System Bring Standards-Based HV Asset Management to TVA Tennessee Valley AuthorityPaul BarnettPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  MicroGrid PowerStreamJohn McCleanPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Connected Services & Distributed Solar OSIsoftTodd PistoresePower & Utilities Presentation Resources  

2014 - Industry Session - Academia and Research

  Welcome & Opening Remarks OSIsoftJohn MatrangaAcademia & Research Presentation Resources  
  Linking Government, Industry and Academia University of Southern CaliforniaDonald PaulAcademia & Research Presentation Resources  
  The Marriage of Public Sector and Academia to Attract Companies and Incubate Innovative Ideas CleanTECH San DiegoJim WaringAcademia & Research Presentation Resources  
  Carnegie Mellon Intelligent Dashboards: From Lab to Market Carnegie Mellon UniversityBertrand LasternasAcademia & Research Presentation Resources  
  University of Iowa's PI Powered Energy Control Center University of IowaGeorge PatersonAcademia & Research Presentation Resources  
  A Robust Data Management System for Integrating Campus Sustainability Goals UC DavisJoshua MorejohnAcademia & Research Presentation Resources  
  Collaboration with Industry Partner OSIsoft in Development of Energy Management Technology Learning Laboratory for Academic & R&D Purposes Palm Beach State CollegeDr. Jay Harold MattesonAcademia & Research Presentation Resources  
  Ideas on Integration of OSIsoft Into Chemical Engineering Curricula MITRichard D. BraatzAcademia & Research Presentation Resources  
  Microgrid: A New Hub in Energy Infrastructure Electricity InnovationDr. Mohammad ShahidehpourAcademia & Research Presentation Resources  
  Predictive Analytics for Real-time Energy Management and Dynamic Demand Response UCSD Natash Balac Academia & Research Presentation Resources  

2014 - Industry Session - Life Sciences, Food and Beverage, Specialty Chemicals

  Building the Perfect Plant: A High Tech Approach to Supporting Low Cost Bioprocessing Plants AmgenRob GamberPharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  
  Enablement and Standardization of Advanced Process Data Technology with EA GenzymeNick Alexiades Pharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  
  Lean Validation as Part of Standard OSIsoft PI System Deployments at J&J Janssen PharmaceuticaCarl Van LaerPharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  
  What is RtReports Compliance Version and how is it used in the Pharmaceutical Industry? Sanofi PasteurBrent PuntPharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  
  Custom DeltaV PI System to Provide Plant Redundancy GenentechMyles SumlinPharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  
  At Kellogg, Savings Are in the Air Kellogg CompanyMichael ThomasPharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  
  Path to a Unified Data Infrastructure Biogen Idec Gustave Green Pharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  
  How Corning in Kennebunk Uses PI System Data Corning Life Sciences Corporation Ryan DubePharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  
  RtReports - A Bristol-Myers Squibb Perspective Bristol-Myers Squibb Anthony ValbrunPharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  
  Value from Data - applying MVDA for real-time monitoring and prediction. GenentechDomenic SchimizziPharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  
  MES Integration Workshop Update OSIsoftChris NelsonPharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  

2014 - Industry Session - Mining, Metal and Metallurgy

  Welcome OSIsoftOsvaldo BascurMaterials Mines Metals & Metallurgy Presentation Resources  
  Implementing an Effective Energy Management Program HatchKatherine Van NesMaterials Mines Metals & Metallurgy Presentation Resources  
  Mining Equipment Event Synthesis: Early Intervention for Increased Efficiency SyncrudeKyle GogolinskiMaterials Mines Metals & Metallurgy Presentation Resources  
  Strategies for Remote Connectivity to Real-time Vehicle Information SymboticWare TechnologyKirk PetroskiMaterials Mines Metals & Metallurgy Presentation Resources  
  Pot Health Analysis with Smart Manufacturing Alcoa Primary MetalsGeff WoodMaterials Mines Metals & Metallurgy Presentation Resources  
  Using PI and rtDuet for Production Loss Accounting Barrick GoldPaul YaroshakMaterials Mines Metals & Metallurgy Presentation Resources  
  Adopting an Enterprise Strategy Freeport McMoRanRobert CatronMaterials Mines Metals & Metallurgy Presentation Resources  
  Leveraging an Information Infrastructure to Improve Enterprise Operations, Randgold Kabali Mine DRAJohan de VilliersMaterials Mines Metals & Metallurgy Presentation Resources  
  Update on PI System Development & Enterprise Agreement Experience at Anglo American Copper Anglo American CopperFernando RomeroMaterials Mines Metals & Metallurgy Presentation Resources  
  SMLC - A Vision for Infusing Intelligence into Manufacturing Enterprises SMLCDenise SwinkMaterials Mines Metals & Metallurgy Presentation Resources  

2014 - Industry Session - Transportation

  Architecting Next-Gen Connected Logistics & Supply Chain Systems MicrosoftPeter VandermindenTransportation Presentation Resources  
  Connecting the First and Last Mile of Operations OSIsoftMatt MillerTransportation Presentation Resources  
  The importance of Geospatial Context and Analytics in Transportation EsriKevin BolgerTransportation Presentation Resources  
  Airport Energy Management and Sustainability San Diego AirportPaul ManasjanTransportation Presentation Resources  
  Marine Fleet Condition Based Monitoring @ Marathon Petrelum Company Marathon Petroleum CompanyTim HeckTransportation Presentation Resources  
  Enabling On Highway Truck Vehicle Connections to a Cloud Infrastructure TIEMACMichael TreasureTransportation Presentation Resources  
  Delivering High Value Condition Monitoring at Caterpillar CATDick DouglasTransportation Presentation Resources  

2014 - Industry Session - Forest Products and Pulp and Paper

  PI then…PI NOW - From Historian to Enabling the Enterprise in Real Time OSIsoftJim BlackPulp & Paper Presentation Resources  
  Advanced Analytics - Use Cases Spanning the Value Chain OSIsoftCurt HertlerPulp & Paper Presentation Resources  
  Lofty Ways to Gain New Insights from PI Data ( it's in the cloud) New Page Escanaba MIDr. Roger TembreullPulp & Paper Presentation Resources  
  EA Journey at Verso Paper- Moving from Real Time to Future Time Verso PaperFrank CardPulp & Paper Presentation Resources  
  New Tools for the Pulp & Paper PI System OSIsoftMartin BryantPulp & Paper Presentation Resources  

2014 - Regional Seminar - Houston

  The Power of Data: Thriving in a World of Change OSIsoftTed GorrieGeneral Presentation Resources  
  The Power of a Data Infrastructure: The PI System Explained OSIsoftMariana SandinGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Automated Downtime Tracking: Improving System Performance Through Enhanced Asset Management Williams CompaniesRod HowardGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Connect your Supply Chain Seamlessly with PI Cloud Services OSIsoftMike WoodGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Innovative PI System Displays that Optimize Power Trading in US Markets EDF Trading North America, LLCJay MooreGeneral Presentation Resources  
  The Road to an Enterprise Agreement – Accelerating the Value from the PI System OSIsoftMike GravesGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Using Structured Data to Improve Decision Making with Assets, Analytics, and Events OSIsoftTom TunnellGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Optimizing Drilling and Production with Advanced Functionality of the PI System, Matlab, and Spotfire Marathon OilKen StartzGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Developing a New O&M Business Model with the PI System and PI Cloud Connect CaterpillarDavid KrenekGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Advanced Analytical Methodologies to Enable the Optimization of the Amine Treatment Protocol Saudi AramcoRayan HafizGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Gaining and Sharing Insights Across the Enterprise from Anywhere OSIsoftMartin BryantGeneral Presentation Resources  

2014 - PI System Day - Siofok

  OSIsoft Overview OSIsoftZsolt OrosGeneral Presentation Resources  
  PI System Roadmap OSIsoftHans-Otto WeinholdGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Power of Data OSIsoftCsanád LajkóGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Overview of the PI System OSIsoftFrank BatkeGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Asset centric real-time situational awareness OSIsoftFrank BatkeGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Value Now –  Value Over Time MOLTibor KomróczkiOil & Gas Presentation Resources  
  The Case for TEVA Pharmaceutical TEVA HungaryLászló SimonPharmaceuticals Food & Life Science Presentation Resources  
  PI System Implementation Experience in Different IndustriesPI System Implementation Experience in Different Industries ITO EngineeringLászló AranyGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Power of connection in Power industry OSIsoftMiguel ChaveroPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Information on the spot: PI Data on My Device OSIsoftFrank BatkeGeneral Presentation Resources  

2014 - Federal Sector Workshop - Naperville

  An Introduction to OSIsoft and the Power of a Real-time Data Infrastructure OSIsoft Mark McCoyGeneral Presentation Resources  
  88 Acres -- How Microsoft Quietly Built the City of the Future Microsoft Darrell SmithGeneral Presentation Resources  
  A Case Study on Carnegie Mellon University OSIsoftDavid DollGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Enabling Real Time Geospatial Data: The Fusion of the PI System & Esri ArcGIS EsriSheila SteffensonGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Energy and Resource Management and Surety in the Federal Context OSIsoftDave RobertsGeneral Presentation Resources  
  The University of Iowa's PI System Powered Energy Control Center University of Iowa George PatersonGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Improving Energy Performance in a High Performance Computing Environment Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryMarriann SilveriaGeneral Presentation Resources  
  Making Data Decision-Ready for the Intelligent Enterprise OSIsoftCurt HertlerGeneral Presentation Resources  

2014 - EMEA Transmission and Distribution Industry Seminar - Helsinki

  OSIsoft PI System Overview Presentation for T&D OSIsoftMiguel ChaveroPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  OSIsoft and the T&D Marketplace  OSIsoftAnn MoorePower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Grid Operations, Reliability Monitoring/ Analysis and Smart Grid - What we are Doing at ATC ATCJim KleitschPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Innovations with real-time operational data: Drivers & Strategy AllianderRobin HagemansPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Grid Operations and Visualization in a new State of the Art Control Room NYISOMatthew MustoPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Technology, Innovation and Information at FinGrid FINGRIDKari SuominenPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  Real time data awareness and advanced data processing at CECRE (Control Center for Renewable Energies) Red Electrica de EspañaJuan Julián Peiró PeñaPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  OSIsoft PI System Roadmap OSIsoftYves GauthierGeneral Presentation Resources  
  California ISO - Challenges and Solutions CAISOBrian CumminsPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  
  The Universe of Possibilities using PI AF SISCOHerbert FalkPower & Utilities Presentation Resources  

2014 - Federal Sector Workshop - Huntsville