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Advanced Industrial Water & Energy Management Saves $10 M Annually: IBM Vermont Case Study

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IBM Burlington is a large semiconductor manufacturing site which consumes 3.2 million gallons per day of water and 446 million kilowatt hrs of electricity annually. The management goals are quality, reliability, cost control and environmental stewardship. The operation of the facility’s systems requires extensive amounts of data acquisition and analysis to support the manufacturing operations and meet the aforementioned goals. IBM’s Advanced Data Management techniques have supported nearly a decade of sustained improvements in energy and water management.

OSIsoft's PI System is the primary database which archives nearly all Site Services data. IBM uses PI ProcessBook as the primary tool for accessing archived data. Statistical Process Control (SPC) applications have been built which extract data from PI to provide convenient process control of hundreds of key process indicators. The case study compares 2008 performance (most recent year of complete data) to a baseline of 2000. These data management techniques employed by IBM allow for a continuous stream of improvement projects.

The value achieved at the IBM Burlington facility along with overall market conditions led IBM to investigate and move forward with OSIsoft in key markets, bringing together the value and key strengths of OSIsoft with the value and key strengths of IBM, in order to deliver real value to the end customer.

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Jeff Chapman

Jeff Chapman is the Senior Engineer of the Advanced Water Management Burlington Center of Excellence for Enterprise Operations.