Critical Facilities, Data Centers & IT

The cost of computing is rising due to increased computing demand and new energy issues, including rising electrical costs and lack of power availability from utilities and within the building. Add to this increased governmental scrutiny of environmental impacts, plus pressure on corporations to be “green,” and datacenters are now prime efficiency targets. Chief Technology Officers and Chief Information Officers must therefore identify ways to reduce energy consumption and do more with less, without impacting operations, capital budgets, or system reliability and capability.

Enterprise organizations worldwide use the OSIsoft® PI System® to provide the real-time data infrastructure and collaboration tools they need to meet key challenges, including:

  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Improving capacity planning
  • Reducing IT and facilities costs

Be more energy efficient. 

  • Use accurate, real-time energy data to increase awareness of datacenter power consumption, efficiency, and management, and help inform the “make-versus-buy” scenario.
  • Build scorecards to plan, analyze, and monitor green strategy performance and cost savings in the datacenter.
  • Optimize power and cooling requirements and extend HVAC equipment life through proactive air temperature management and HVAC coordination.
  • Maximize existing asset usage, balance loads, and take advantage of non-peak pricing and utility rebate opportunities. 

  Microsoft Datacenters  

“The PI System is being used to monitor all critical environment points within Microsoft’s data centers.”

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“We are using the OSIsoft PI System to monitor all the critical points within our data centers, and, in turn, are laying the foundation for a high-availability, global Live infrastructure.”
  Microsoft CIO



Drive capacity planning through real-time monitoring.  

  • Receive accurate, real-time energy and IT asset information for better planning and forecasting of current and future data processing and business needs.
  • Be more efficient with computing resources and physical space.
  • Measure real-time power consumption and tie energy costs with potential hardware purchases to calculate the true cost of ownership before buying.
  • Identify underutilized assets for redeployment or powering down to conserve electricity.

  US Army/Fort Carson Datacenter, Colorado  

US Army: “Fort Carson's Directorate of Information Management (DOIM) leverages IT Monitor, ProcessBook, and RtWebParts to meet increasing customer demands without requiring additional resources.”

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Monitor data center IT asset performance.  

  • Reduce or eliminate downtime costs and data disruptions, and avoid network, application, and power outages using historical data trends to identify potential problems and take corrective or preventative action.
  • Decrease hardware investments by analyzing actual capacity needs before purchasing.
  • Get useful predictions for expected equipment consumption based on actual performance, rather than working from generalized ratings.

  Arizona Public Service Company  

"PI IT Monitor saves Arizona Public Service Company 25% on process control server and equipment leases and satisfies NERC CIP standards without additional software expense.”

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