Historize: Reliably gather, archive, and serve large volumes of data. Scale to meet your growing business needs.

Process-focused manufacturing companies produce extremely large amounts of data from a wide variety of disparate data sources.  These data sources include Distributed Control Systems, PLCs, Lab Information Management Systems, Operator Logs, etc…  Many man-hours are spent traversing these systems in order to answer simple question such as:  

  • What was Produced?
  • What is my Yield?
  • How is the Product Quality?  Has it changed?  Why?

Aggregating, archiving, and distributing this data – either manually or through custom programming – is costly, and slow to deliver business value. But information workers, plant managers, and business executives need continuous and instant access to this real-time and historical data. As their needs grow, the ability to meet the demands for secure, reliable storage and retrieval of more information becomes an ever-increasing challenge.

The PI Server is the real-time data collection, archiving, and distribution engine that powers the PI System. The PI Server brings all relevant data from disparate sources, such as enterprise systems, databases, and operational data sources into a single system, secures it so appropriate access is given to individuals based on their roles, and delivers it to users at all levels of the company in a uniform and consistent manner.

  • The PI Server handles high speed, real-time, data collection and can collect data at subsecond speeds by leveraging the latest 64-bit technology, multi-processor/multi-core hardware, and Windows Server operating systems.
  • Data is instantly stored in the PI Server and made available to users in real-time.  In addition, the PI Server can quickly make available decades of data and can store data for millions of points.
  • The PI Server optimizes the data storage to use the least amount of computing resources possible while still providing needed fidelity and allows retrieval of any data, no matter how old, quickly and accurately.
  • The PI Server also has built-in High Availability, which, at the PI Server level, ensures both continuous storage of the data and continuous availability to all the data for all users.
  • The PI Server supports both horizontal and vertical scalability so it can easily scale up or scale out to support your global operations.
  • The PI Server lowers the cost of curiosity by providing users access to high speed, high fidelity data in the appropriate context. 

The PI Server delivers the combination of time-series data and asset metadata in an Enterprise Data Historian, along with a suite of analytic tools, notification services, and monitors the health of your IT infrastructure. As a result, users have a comprehensive, real-time view into operational and business activities enabling them to make timely, profitable, decisions.

  Product Function  
  PI Data Archive Reliably gathers, archives and serves large volume of streaming data. Datasheet    |    Video  
  PI AF Provides an integrated database for storing asset information, business logic and other contextual data   
  PI System Management Tools (PI SMT)  Administer and manage the PI System.  
  PI Data Access Supports many industry protocols and standards for reading and writing data to and from the PI System, and for easy data integration.