Information workers and organizations of today strive to maximize interconnectivity between systems and people. They want to facilitate the sharing of information and have their systems leverage each other's capabilities and data.

All organizations have to deal with silos of data that were created over time, which makes analysis, visualization, reporting and hence decision making difficult. We are in the information era – the time to remediate to this problem and have systems talk to each other and to people.

OSIsoft's PI Data Access 2014 and PI Notifications 2014 together deliver a wealth of functionality to keep your people and your systems connected, by delivering data when, where and how it is needed.

The PI Data Access product family enables development of custom applications on the PI System, as well as integration of the PI System data into 3rd party tools such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint, SAP

  • New products – PI OLEDB Enterprise, PI Web Services and PI JDBC
  • PI System Access (PSA) license provides access for named users to all PI System data, across the enterprise and from anywhere
  • Developers and integrators obtain development licenses through their individual membership to the OSIsoft Virtual Campus (vCampus) program

PI Notifications: Configuring Customized Notifications Based on Any Data Source

PI Notifications enables delivery of information based on the triggering of one or more configured conditions. When a condition is met a notification can be sent to a subscriber or group of subscribers. PI Notifications supports acknowledgement and escalation to other subscribers if a notification is not acknowledged in a configured time period.

PI Notifications is built on the OSIsoft Asset Framework and leverages both the data access and template features. Configuration is simplified with the use of notification templates that can be configured once and applied to all assets of the same type.

Notification delivery supports email and Microsoft Office Communicator and can be programmatically extended to seamlessly integrate messaging with third party applications such as workflow, ERP, and asset maintenance systems.

PI Notifications can be viewed using PI Desktop Alert, PI ProcessBook, PI DataLink. Notifications history can be used during excursion auditing, reporting, or alarm threshold tuning.

  Product Function  
  PI Data Access Supports many industry protocols and standards for reading and writing data to and from the PI System, and for easy data integration.  
  PI Notifications Configure and receive notifications, and track historical data for exceptions.