PI Server

Process-focused manufacturing companies produce extremely large amounts of data from a wide variety of sources throughout their front and back office operations. Aggregating this information –either manually or through custom programming- is costly and slow to deliver business value. But plant managers and business executives need access to this information in a meaningful and practical format, so they can direct operations toward increased profitability and productivity, and to conduct effective business planning.


At the core of the OSIsoft PI System, the PI Server solves this issue by:

  • Receiving, archiving and distributing real-time aggregated information for more than 16,000 mission-critical installations worldwide.
  • Unifiying streams of business-critical data in a single, comprehensive reservoir.
PI Architecture -  designed to move data with reliability and consistency
PI High Availability System ensures that PI is always available
PI Architecture - designed to move data with reliability and consistency
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PI High Availability System ensures that PI is always available
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  • Fast return on investment: Realize positive results immediately upon implementation of the PI System, and generate returns on your investments in data, infrastructures, processes, and personnel.
  • Real-time performance management: Deliver real-time and historical process data to the right people and business roles quickly and securely, empowering sound management and informed business decisions.
  • Empowering users. As the data collection and distribution engine for the manufacturing plant and processes, the PI System supports efficient, responsive, real-time performance management and serves as the real-time data repository for operations.
  • Ever leaner infrastructure: Users with new projects and ideas can leverage an ever-growing real time infrastructure at marginal additional cost to improve operations and business processes.
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      Example of Product Implementation

Business Challenge

Through a combination of overcapacity and competitive pressure in the UK power market the company needed to operate its plant and carry out start-ups more efficiently, to deliver power to the grid on time, reduce damage to expensive equipment, and be more attractive to the market.


The OSIsoft PI System offered a flexible, enabling Platform that employees could easily add value to the company by configuring applications for better analysis, decision-making, and optimization.

Customer Result/Benefit

This customer’s start up costs were reduced by 1/3. They found that they now had a standardization of best practices and an empowerment of their people. They also found that the cost savings provided them with a substantial competitive edge.