PI Batch

Analyze batch processes and other repeatable events (such as days, shifts, startups, downtime, and so on).


  • Record – Store batch information for real-time and historical access. Easily access process data in batch or event contexts.
  • Analyze – Query for the batches you need. Compare cycle times. Compare to a golden (standard) batch. Discover problems while the batch is executing or the event is occurring using batch-to-batch comparisons. Understand patterns in repeatable events.
  • View – Reports, Tables, Gantt Charts and Trends across products RtReports, Excel (using BatchView), PI ProcessBook (using BatchView), and PI WebParts.
  • Integrate – Combine batch and event data from PI with other data via PI ProcessBook, Excel, PI WebParts, RtReports, and PI OLEDB Provider.
Using PI BatchView in PI ProcessBook to view batch information
Remotely viewing batches via PI BatchTable
Using PI BatchView in PI ProcessBook to view batch information
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Remotely viewing batches via PI BatchTable
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  • Repeatable batches. Explainable events. With common data storage and a comprehensive set of analysis and visualization tools, discover what makes a batch repeatable and what causes tracked events.
  • Reduce cycle times and release more on-spec batches. Putting batch data in front of the right people, the way they want to see it, allows them to improve efficiency and process quality.
  • Tighter Regulatory compliance. PI Batch keeps procedures on track and within procedural guidelines by making the manufacturing process more transparent to operators.

      Example of Product Implementation

Business Challenge

At Roche, plant management, engineers and operators needed process information in a timely manner to avoid costly problems and to find ways to improve their processes.


Along with the PI infrastructure, PI Batch, PI BatchView, and RtReports were installed to record all their batch data and provide reports and displays including: unit summaries, shift turnover reports, quality assurance trend analysis, operational trends, and golden batch comparisons.

Customer Result/Benefit

Decreased batch cycle time and now produce 10 percent more batches per week. Reduced number of process alarms and associated review times by 80 percent. Discovered and corrected a leak that was costing $50,000 to $100,000 per year. Moved towards full electronic batch reporting, virtually eliminating compliance complaints. Decreased time to market because fewer pages of documentation are required to review for a release.