Managed PI

Achieve even greater system reliability through Managed PI.

With Managed PI, you move the burden and expense of day-to-day PI System® management from your system administrator to OSIsoft’s Network Operations Center and its staff of PI System experts. Managed PI frees your staff to focus on improving your manufacturing process, instead of conducting routine system management.

Managed PI collects data about how your PI System is running and transfers only that information to our secure Network Operations Centers. Our staff monitors your PI System around-the-clock to identify and prevent potential problems, takes action to diagnose and resolve any issues, and sends you status notifications.  In addition, with our proactive management services, OSIsoft staff can advise you on upgrade issues and enhanced support questions with the in-depth knowledge of your enterprise systems that mPI gives our support team. 

Managed PI also includes customer-contolled, automated software updates, ensuring that you are always using the latest PI System technology.

The result is faster resolution of technical support issues, and even greater system reliability and availability.

Remote Installation

Often as part of the enterprise support program, OSIsoft will be responsible for delivering consistent initial installation or enterprise upgrades of the PI System infrastructure.  This delivers a consistent, common infrastructure that lowers maintenance and development costs of new PI System uses.  Traditionally, OSIsoft has delivered this service with onsite Field Services personnel. This is still available, but our customers have found that our new advanced, remote automation installation methodology allows this process to be completed more efficiently and with fewer demands on a customer than an onsite installation.  This new program leverages our new Remote Installation Centers and software to provide the customer a remote installation experience that can be directed and audited by our customers in real-time or after the installation.  This increases the security of the activities and provides the customer with a greater level of comfort surrounding our installation activities.