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  Key Performance Indicators should work for you, not the other way around! By utilizing a real-time performance management system as the basis for KPIs and scorecards, progressive companies enhance their competitive advantage and improve the overall decision-making across an entire enterprise.
  Making the Business Case: Increasing Profitability with OSIsofts PI System in the Food & Beverage Industry The food and beverage industries are characterized by large numbers of plants with diverse information systems, stringent manufacturing conditions, thin operating margins, and increasing regulatory requirements. Driven by globalization, consolidation, and the need to reduce time-to-market, the complexity of the industry's manufacturing environment requires agility based on real-time information.
  Optimizing Corporate Sustainability with Real-time Data For sustainability to reach the next level,operations staff who make resource decisions need feedback and visibility on the results of their actions, and senior executives need a way to gauge performance so they can reward improvements and troubleshoot lingering problems. The maxim ‘what gets measured, gets done’ still applies to any organization that intends to drive its operations to a higher level of efficiency. This whitepaper describes a metrics-based approach to sustainability that leverages real-time data to help organizations improve performance.
  Real-Time Data as a Foundation to Drive Sustainability Performance Asset-intensive companies are fi nding that the pursuit of sustainable operations requires a bottom-up approach, supported by a real-time data infrastructure. This white paper is a collaborative effort between IHS and OSIsoft that addresses questions with respect to sustainability performance and real-time data.
  Real-time Integration and Collaboration for Sustainability Management in Metallurgical Complexes Collaboration between all the different entities in the company is a key component of improving efficiency of energy and water use. Evolution of Web technology and object modeling of the enterprise enables collaboration across the whole business and troubleshooting of the operation to more quickly act on issues to reduce wasteful operation. This paper presents a real time software infrastructure with people tools that gives the users the ability to sift through available data, transform data into information for business continuous improvement and optimization. We will introduce a simple collaborative tool to add context to business areas or assets for getting things done in an industrial complex. Two examples from the industry will presented and their benefits highlighted.
  Reducing IT Support Costs Through Historical Application Monitoring Providing an electronic infrastructure that serves content reliably, securely and with acceptable levels of performance and quality requires considerable technical coordination and unification of the diverse networked infrastructure.
  Terrorists Don’t Leave Signatures Terrorists Don’t Leave Signatures Operational Security: The real threat to our critical infrastructure.
  The Power of Analysis Framework Imagine that all the information you need was in a reusable library, that you could create custom formulas on the fly, and create powerful, timely reports and analysis in real time. Imagine Analysis Framework.
  Universities Use PI System for Sustainability and Savings The OSIsoft PI System is a proven solution for energy and sustainability monitoring. Learn how university planners and administrators have reduced their costs and carbon footprint.