White Papers

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  Accelerate Six Sigma Success This paper discusses how to use an RtPM software platform to support a Six Sigma initiative. QNI, an Australian minerals resource company, serves as an example.
  Boost ROA with Proactive Asset Performance Maximization Strategy To increase both ROA and competitive agility, progress companies are adopting proactive enterprise asset management (EAM) as a business strategy.
  Carbon Risk and Negawatts This paper reviews how to use energy efficiency programs to reduce carbon exposure.
  Condition-based Maintenance Presents a methodology for creating a real-time Condition-based Maintenance solution with the OSIsoft PI System.
  Consolidation of Task Force Recommendations This paper reviews how the OSIsoft RtPM Platform (RtPM) supports the specific Blackout Task Force recommendations. We demonstrate how the underlying OSIsoft system components provide the interface for real-time data access to multiple enterprise applications; and specifically, how other key features of the RtPM Platform meet the requirements specified in the recommendations.
  Dynamic Energy Response This paper describes how energy management and real-time data can help business today, especially as the external evironment is more dynamic than ever and requires an appropriate response.
  Energy Management as a Corporate Strategy Proposes a framework from which management can develop an energy management strategy.
  Energy Management Requires a Streaming Data and Event Infrastructure Any company that values sustainability should consider developing a corporate energy management strategy. Energy is a major component of most businesses production costs. This paper looks at the role of a Streaming Data and Event Infrastructure as an enabler in facilitating an Energy Management Strategy.
  High Availability PI With High Availability PI, there is greater assurance that data will always be gathered, stored and available to everyone across the organization.
  Improving Energy and Water Specific Consumptions Strategies - Remote Supervision and Diagnostics Collaboration based on a common understanding and information base is a key component for improving efficiency. Evolution of web technology and object modelling of enterprise assets enables communication across the whole business. Operational troubleshooting occurs more quickly and the organisation acts in unison to reduce waste. This paper presents a real-time software infrastructure with tools that give users the ability to sift through available data, transform data into information for business continuous improvement and optimisation. We will introduce a new technology for analysing real-time data, information and events using multidimensional analysis of information to detect anomalies based on the statistics of the data classified by time events to reduce the information into action. A new paradigm for collaboration at a local and strategic level is proposed to enable the enterprise to become proactive in dealing with wasted time and products. Three examples from the industry will presented and their benefits highlighted. We will utilise strategic implementations from other industries, notably power and utilities to illustrate.