2010 - Users Conference - San Francisco

Value of Partnerships and Collaboration for World Class Performance Monitoring

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Chevron Global Power has created a Center of Excellence to provide remote performance monitoring of its power generation facilities, using the PI System as its data foundation. They have leveraged their Enterprise Agreement with OSIsoft to utilize PI's functionality at numerous facilities across the world to improve reliability and minimize operating expenses. The value of the PI System was further enhanced by combining it with other technologies like SmartSignal and Sharepoint, with a focus on providing consistency across all of their sites. Chevron Global Power will share case studies about enterprise value created by use of the PI System through the Power Support Center.

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Chevron Global Power


Brianne LaBry

Brianne LaBry is the IT Project Manager of the Power Support Center (PSC) for Chevron Global Power (CGP). She has spent her first year with the PSC leading IT efforts to implement remote performance monitoring at numerous power generation facilities worldwide. She has also focused her attention on numerous value realization efforts, such as KPIs, standardization, and visualization. Prior to joining CGP, Brianne spent seven years as a SCADA Specialist with Chevron Pipe Line Co. where she provided support for their control center and participated in various SCADA upgrade projects. She was also an active participant of API subcommittees for API RP 1165 for SCADA Graphics and API RP 1167 for Alarm Management.