Case Studies

 Accelerating Data Center EfficiencyThe PI System gathers data from multiple systems and serves as a universal translator that synchronizes data center operations to boost efficiency, improve planning, and reduce IT and facility costs. With this information data centers can comply increased government pressure to improve efficiency and reduce environment impact and meet the goals outlined in Executive Orders such as Executive Order 13423 and Executive Order 13514.Data Centers & IT 
 Adani Ports Adani Ports is the largest private port operator in India, handling the majority of the country’s international trade. Economic growth is driving an expected increase in demand for port services. Adani Ports is planning ahead for this growth by investing in both new port construction and port automation, to ensure that all facilities achieve peak performance levels. The PI System is the backbone of these initiatives, providing the data collection, analysis and reporting tools that have helped Adani Ports achieve ongoing performance improvements and wider profit margins at ports old and new.Other 
 DTE EnergyAfter a PI System pilot project in 1999 helped one of Detroit Edison’s power plants save $180,000 in just six months, DTE Energy rolled out the PI System to each of its 7 major power plants. With the PI System in place company-wide, DTE Energy launched a fleet optimization program in 2006 that has saved the company millions of dollars annually.Power & Utilities 
 eBay Inc. - Data Centers and the PI SystemeBay Inc. uses the PI System to prioritize and monetize its data center operations, improve their Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE and growing their technical infrastructure.Data Centers & IT 
 Halifax WaterWater loss is nearly always the result of a leaky pipe somewhere in the system. The challenge is to find the location of the leak, and to do so quickly with minimum staff time, before significant water is wasted. Halifax Water used its already installed PI System to support water leakage reduction by 40 million litres per day, saving more than C$600,000 on an annual basis.Power & Utilities 
 IBM BurlingtonFor over 50 years, the IBM Burlington facility has been producing semiconductors in Burlington, Vermont. Commited to continuously evolving their operations to save money and improve efficiency, IBM Burlington installed the PI System in the 1990s to help improve organizational communication. Since then, IBM Burlington has leverage the PI System to have achieve dramatic results from increasing manufacturing capability to reducing water usage by 27% to saving millions in yearly expenses.Power & Utilities 
 SappiReal-time resource management improves system reliability and efficiency while delivering brand benefitsPulp & Paper 
 University of California at San DiegoUCSD uses OSIsoft’s PI System to help the campus operations team keep track of and optimize its microgrid.Power & Utilities 
 Yorkshire WaterWater is becoming a critical issue around the world and companies like Yorkshire Water are on the frontlines of managing this precious resource. To ensure its ability to deliver clean, reliable, water to households and businesses, Yorkshire Water depends on having access to a large pool of data. When the company’s telemetry infrastructure could no longer keep up with its need for data, Yorkshire Water turned to the PI System for faster, more scalable, data management. In the process, it achieved more than £1 million in annual savings through reduced energy use, improved leak detection and better chemical management.Power & Utilities