Webinars Overview

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Maximize your PI system “Value NOW, Value Over Time” by realizing the full extent to which the OSIsoft products you already own can help solve other operations problems or provide critical decision making information to management.

OSIsoft produces a bi-weekly Webinar schedule with topics and presentations covering a broad set of subjects:

  • Application Report: Describes PI System application to a specific industry problem set and provides ideas and inspiration for building similar applications in your facility. Application reports focus on the problems addressed, the results, and the benefits obtained, and typically involve direct customer examples and/or participation.
  • Compliance Blueprint: Following a brief description of systemic compliance and the results obtained by the subject customers, these webinars focus heavily on how compliance was accomplished with the PI system, and use customer studies of the implementation, configuration, and first test processes to provide a “blueprint” for accomplishing similar results.
  • Partner Spotlight: Examines the ecosystem formed between OSIsoft, one or more customers, and one of its partners who generally focus on specific class of operations problems (e.g. OEE) or industry. These webinars describe how to leverage the partner’s offerings to the attendee’s benefit.
  • Industry Focus: Describes OSIsoft’s value add to a specific industry and existing PI System implementations in that customer space. Solicits active feedback from customers and prospects as to how that industry could derive greater PI System benefits.
  • Platform Update: Provides feature and benefit updates for product version enhancements and new product introductions, focusing on how specific product(s) fit in the overall infrastructure strategy.
  • Security Minded: Focuses on implementation and use of MCN Health Monitor and the Industrial Data Center.
  • Show me How: Offered to OSIsoft customers with current Software Reliance Program (SRP) agreements, the “Show Me How” live webinar series focuses on key topics vital to getting the most out of your PI System, including fundamental concepts and release-specific updates.

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Please feel free to direct any questions or suggestions to mailto:webseminars@osisoft.com.