The PI System drives innovation and improvement, and supports decision making across thousands of major global manufacturing companies that use the PI System’s real-time and historical data in the following areas:
  • Quality
  • Variable costs (materials, energy, equipment, etc.)
  • Capital utilization
  • Regulations and compliance
  • Sustainability: Environmental, health, and safety
  • Technology / Innovation
Where the vision for plant data combines with the SAP supply chain or financial system, the need for PI System integration to SAP is applicable.

Following are examples of customers who have found value in system integration:

Dow Corning: Greater Accountability Drives Improved Manufacturing Performance

“With over 30 years collective experience with the OSIsoft PI System and SAP MII, our staff at Dow Corning considers these platforms as the primary foundation used to deliver operational excellence, empower innovation and drive customer & shareholder value. While both of these software platforms can stand on their own merit by delivering value to our company, their combined application is where step-change improvements are most easily achieved and sustained. Both the OSIsoft PI System and SAP MII platform are essential to our core information technology manufacturing infrastructure. Their combined usage provides us with a global reach in our enterprise infrastructure.”  

Keith Carey, Global Manufacturing Operations Automation Manager
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Grupo São Martinho: Vertical Integration between plant floor and SAP ERP

“Grupo São Martinho is a company operating three sugar mills with alcohol production in Brazil. In their presentation, they explained the value achieved from connecting the PI system to SAP via MII at their Usina Boa Vista to provide complete supply chain visibility.”  


Edinei Castro
, Project Leader
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Grupo Sao Martinho Business Challenge

PEMEX: Operational Excellence through Supply Chain Management

“We needed to implement software to analyze information and make decisions in the right way… Now our decisions are focused on the future, not on the past.” 

Manuel Chavez,
Director, Operational Control
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Pemex Business Challenge 

Celanese: Actionable Intelligence on the Plant Floor for superior plant performance

“The translation of operational parameters into financial parameters makes work more meaningful. But we only deliver actionable other words, those few KPIs whose results a given individual can influence through good decision-making.” 

Brenda Hightower
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Celanese Business Challenge 

Kodak: Collaboration enables optimized energy consumption

“There was no ‘Big Bang.’ Rather, there were 1,000 little bangs.  Collectively these efforts have yielded savings into the millions of dollars and established a culture of continuous process improvement.” 


James Breeze
, Energy Engineer, Project Leader Worldwide
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Kodak Business Challenge