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Klabin Presents Integration

Klabin presents their integration with SAP QM and SAP PM highlighting ROI. View presentation.

Workshop on Integration for SAP PM

SAP Utilities meeting sponsored workshop on integration of OSIsoft PI System with SAP PM. The workshop outlines requirements and methods.  View Presentation   

SAP Virtualization Week 2010

COIL Initiative with OSIsoft and SAP Labs  View Presentation  

SAP AG joins OSIsoft's vCampus

 SAP AG joined OSIsoft's vCampus as a Team Member and will now use OSIsoft’s PI System software across the globe to support SAP sales and product development with their MII framework. 

Value Now from Enterprise Innovation

Obtain "value now" via the PI System with SAP solutions. Examples highlight real-world business value using both PI System and SAP tools, including perfect plant, operational excellence, information collaboration, business analysis, energy management, and AMI. Case studies highlight the PI System, along with SAP tools such as SAP BusinessObjects, enterprise service-oriented architecture (eSOA), SAP NetWeaver Portal component, and SAP MII application.  Learn more here.  

MII's Plant Connector Enhancements

PCo version 2.1 is the released version for use with SAP’s MII product. SAP and OSIsoft use SAP’s MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) package as one method of communication to the PI System in the plant environment. The data flow is bi-directional and is accomplished with the new PCo (Plant Connector) application. This newest release of PCo opens a connection to a PI Server and can collect any data from the PI System using methods and properties exposed by the PI SDK. While PCo also communicates via OPC as well as OLEDB Enterprise to many other sources of data, the dialog boxes available to the designer creates a very user-friendly PI-to-MII communication environment that is easy to configure and maintain. PCo is both an event-based (OPC-UA) connector as well as a polling connector (OLEDB and PI-SDK).  


Smart Grid..

OSIsoft and SAP Solution Brief

SAP and OSIsoft issue joint solution brief for utilities outlining how the OSIsoft MDUS complements the SAP AMI Integration for Utilities.  Read the solution brief 

OSIsoft is on the SAP EchoHub

OSIsoft Meter Data Unification System is on the SAP EchoHub.  Learn More 

SAP Presentation

Klaus Heimann, SAP Vice President speaks at the OSIsoft user conference on SAP and OSIsoft relationship for utilities  View the Presentation 

OSIsoft PI System and SAP AMI Integration

OSIsoft has completed testing integration of the PI System with SAP AMI Enhancement Package 4 web services.  Read the press release here.  

AMI MDUS Solution and participant in SAP Lighthouse Council:

The leader in management of time series data and events for Utilities enhances data management capabilities of the PI System via “PI Smart Connectors” and “PI  Utilities Gateways” making the PI System the data manager of choice for AMI and Smart Grid.  Read the press release here.  

OSIsoft MDUS System Becomes SAP-Endorsed Business Solution

OSIsoft's Meter Data Unification and Synchronization (MDUS) system is now an SAP-endorsed business solution. Read the press release here

SAP for Utilities:

To help customers embrace a shift toward energy efficiency, the utility industry must be able to show consumers that the time and money they invest in new, efficient technologies will be worthwhile. Uncover how the integration of SAP for Utilities with Smart Grid technology is both an opportunity and an obligation for SAP.  Read the article here