AMI with the PI System

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OSIsoft MDUS: 

  • Scalable 
  • Highly Available 
  • Supports Heterogeneous Head-End System Interfaces 
  • Analytics 
  • Data Synchronization 
  • Real-time Data Collection and Historization 
  • Certified SAP Interface and SAP qualified business solution 
  • Operation Data Manager for the Smart Grid 
  • Single source of support with SAP Solution Manager     

The OSIsoft MDUS integrates AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) head-end systems with SAP AMI Integration for Utilities software.  The OSIsoft MDUS uses OSIsoft's PI System to manage the high volume of meter data.    

“By endorsing solutions such as the OSIsoft MDUS system, SAP continues to build its ecosystem, drive new levels of collaboration, and provide additional choices and flexibility to our customers.  Use of the OSIsoft MDUS system with SAP solutions will enable our customers to improve efficiencies and employee productivity, thus accelerating delivery of innovative products to market while lowering total cost of ownership.”

     -Stefan Engelhardt, Head of Utilities Industry Business Unit, SAP

OSIsoft's PI System provides the Utility Industry the leading operation data management infrastructure for the Smart Grid Components of Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution.  OSIsoft's products are used widely in the Utility Industry meeting needs such as energy management, condition based maintenance, operational performance monitoring, curtailment programs, renewable energy monitoring, phasor monitoring of transmission lines and many more.  Now OSIsoft is applying this leading data management expertise to the fourth component of the Smart Grid: the Customer Meter, as implemented in Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

The OSIsoft MDUS delivers integration between a utility’s meter system and SAP AMI Integration for Utilities to perform tasks such as billing. The OSIsoft MDUS also provides the ability to integrate meter data with other operational data. It serves as a real-time data collector, which is head-end system vendor-independent.  The OSIsoft MDUS can be extended beyond AMI to address other Smart Grid initiatives.  The design allows utilities to easily leverage meter data into their operation management systems, such as outage management systems, demand response and other Smart Grid applications.

Utility companies recognize that the true management of the smart grid will require end to end visibility and data access.  This is a major factor in making the OSIsoft real-time infrastructure ideal for meeting the needs of the Central Metering and Event Data Hub as represented by a MDUS system for AMI.

SAP has played a leading role in OSIsoft’s software offering.  SAP launched the Lighthouse Council (LHC), a consortium of Utility Companies and vendors, to define the requirements of technical integration from the HES to SAP.  The consortium broke down the established AMI business use cases to clearly understand the new business processes AMI brings to the utility. OSIsoft participated in this activity including the development of use cases and testing of integrated product offerings.

Real-time Infrastructure for the Smart Grid
The OSIsoft MDUS allows the business to pull all real-time information for the smart grid together facilitating business functions, demand response load and operational analysis. It meets the demands of data volume and frequency and provides flexibility for meter and head-end selection.  Support for the infrastructure is minimized by self configuring interfaces and integrating with SAP support tools and methodology.

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