OSIsoft Partner EcoSphere

Strategic Alliance

In addition to its partners, OSIsoft has established strategic alliances with world leading technology companies, such as Microsoft, Cisco and Esri. These strategic alliances represent a deep commitment by OSIsoft to ensure that the PI System® conforms to all applicable technology standards and is built on widely adopted platforms. As a result, PI System® customers can leverage maximum value from their technology investments


Enabling Data-Driven Intelligence in the Hyper-Connected World

SAP and OSIsoft bring together people, tools and information across operations and business to deliver novel and actionable insights previously not possible. Our combined technologies provides the mechanism for CIO and COO to jointly strategize and transform the digital enterprise. IIoT and Big Data analytics and visualization offer new opportunities for IT and OT organizations to leverage sensor-based data and transform their organizations with actionable insights. Explore how your organization can take advantage of the proliferation of sensor-based data with your existing investments in the PI System by integrating with advanced analytics and visualization tools.


Delivering A Spatial Analytics Platform for Operational Data

OSIsoft’s strategic alliance with Esri offers an out-of-the-box solution that allows real-time data streams from sensors deployed throughout operations to be displayed on ArcGIS® maps. Combining the visualization and analytics of the Esri ArcGIS platform with the real-time data infrastructure delivered by the OSIsoft PI System gives enterprises a new way to understand and share critical data. By taking into account physical location, your operational data becomes more complete, has more context and provides new levels of understanding throughout your business.


Streaming Business Intelligence

OSIsoft's strategic alliance with Microsoft offers enterprise manufacturers and utilities a secure, highly scalable, real-time data and events infrastructure that can dynamically support ongoing business needs on a trusted platform used by 90% of the manufacturing industry. Key benefits include; increased visibility, trusted scalability and streamlined processes.


Real-time monitoring through network devices

OSIsoft and Cisco are partnering to improve real-time gathering and monitoring of process data in the following industries:

  • Power: In leading power transmission and distribution companies, OSIsoft and Cisco are working to develop substation automation and meter data management aolutions as part of an ongoing trend to respond more quickly to energy supply-and-demand changes;
  • Oil & Gas: In the oil and gas industry, OSIsoft and Cisco are exploring applications in brownfield upstream production and pipeline monitoring. These facilities are generally geographically dispersed, creating networking challenges for real-time systems. Reducing the hardware requirements and simplifying these systems' administration allows larger portions of the system to be continuously monitored for trouble, minimizing costly failures;
  • Datacenter Energy Efficiency/Retail: Applications in retail involve monitoring energy consumption and availability at large retailers. This monitoring within the datacenter can substantially increase profits by reducing energy costs.

OSIsoft and Cisco now offer a joint solution that extends real-time information management into edge networking solutions:

  • The Cisco Application eXtension Platform (AXP) includes the OSIsoft® PI System® in its series of Integrated Services Routers (ISRs). The resulting device provides the capabilities of a real-time data infrastructure as an integral component of Cisco's network infrastructure.
  • OSIsoft's PI information management software, when integrated into Cisco's ISR, enables cost-effective, global deployment of secure, robust, intelligent network infrastructure to many assets that have not previously been monitored in real time.
  • Along with collecting and managing critical real-time operations data, this joint solution also collects information on the health and security of the network itself, and uses Cisco's proven suite of connectivity and application solutions.