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World-class strategic alliances. 

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In addition to its partners, OSIsoft has established strategic alliances with world leading technology companies, such as Microsoft, Cisco, SAP and IBM. These strategic alliances represent a deep commitment by OSIsoft to ensure that the PI System® conforms to all applicable technology standards and is built on widely adopted platforms. As a result, PI System® customers can leverage maximum value from their technology investments.

 OSIsoft | Microsoft

Streaming Business Intelligence.

OSIsoft's strategic alliance with Microsoft offers enterprise manufacturers and utilities a secure, highly scalable, real-time data and events infrastructure that can dynamically support ongoing business needs on a trusted platform used by 90% of the manufacturing industry. Key benefits include:
The OSIsoft | Microsoft Alliance delivers these benefits to customers:

  • Increased visibility, by providing everyone in the enterprise with real-time, context-rich access to operational and business information through familiar, easy-to-use desktop tools;
  • Trusted scalability, with the real-time data infrastructure and platform to support mission critical business systems in a secure, scalable, and energy-efficient manner;
  • Streamlined processes that foster continual performance and operational improvement by providing familiar analytical tools combined with process automation and information sharing capabilities.

Learn more about the OSIsoft | Microsoft Strategic Alliance here.

 OSIsoft | Cisco

Real-time monitoring through network devices.

OSIsoft and Cisco are partnering to improve real-time gathering and monitoring of process data in the following industries:

  • Power: In leading power transmission and distribution companies, OSIsoft and Cisco are working to develop substation automation and meter data management aolutions as part of an ongoing trend to respond more quickly to energy supply-and-demand changes;
  • Oil & Gas: In the oil and gas industry, OSIsoft and Cisco are exploring applications in brownfield upstream production and pipeline monitoring. These facilities are generally geographically dispersed, creating networking challenges for real-time systems. Reducing the hardware requirements and simplifying these systems' administration allows larger portions of the system to be continuously monitored for trouble, minimizing costly failures;
  • Datacenter Energy Efficiency/Retail: Applications in retail involve monitoring energy consumption and availability at large retailers. This monitoring within the datacenter can substantially increase profits by reducing energy costs.

OSIsoft and Cisco now offer a joint solution that extends real-time information management into edge networking solutions:

  • The Cisco Application eXtension Platform (AXP) includes the OSIsoft® PI System® in its series of Integrated Services Routers (ISRs). The resulting device provides the capabilities of a real-time data infrastructure as an integral component of Cisco's network infrastructure.
  • OSIsoft's PI information management software, when integrated into Cisco's ISR, enables cost-effective, global deployment of secure, robust, intelligent network infrastructure to many assets that have not previously been monitored in real time.
  • Along with collecting and managing critical real-time operations data, this joint solution also collects information on the health and security of the network itself, and uses Cisco's proven suite of connectivity and application solutions.

Learn more about the OSIsoft | Cisco alliance here.
 OSIsoft | SAP

Building a Seamless Framework for Plant Integration with Business Intelligence

Two technology leaders, OSIsoft and SAP, provide today’s enterprise with a combined software solution needed to create the “Perfect Plant.” The first step is to methodically engineer and collect plant floor data from all sources into a PI System infrastructure. Equally critical is the technology to connect to data from the corporate SAP ERP system.. The end result is a combination and integration of transactional data and process data using a variety of technologies delivered by SAP and OSIsoft. OSIsoft and SAP products use the best available information technology to achieve operational excellence across utilities and manufacturing companies. OSIsoft and SAP software platforms are seen throughout our combined customer base in:

  • Power & Utilities
  • Pharmaceuticals, Food & Life Sciences
  • Chemicals & Petrochemicals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Materials, Mines, Metals & Metallurgy
  • Critical Facilities, Data Centers & IT

Learn more about the OSIsoft | SAP alliance here

 OSIsoft | IBM  

Enablement of CBM with Process Data  

Combining OSIsoft® and IBM technologies delivers solutions which provide the benefits of reduced cost and operational efficiency from condition-based maintenance. These solutions address predictive analytics and work/asset management requirements found in the Chemical and Petroleum, Oil and Gas, and Power and Utilities industries.

  • IBM Asset Management for Wind Farms is a solution using the PI System®, digital technology, intelligent sensors and analytic tools to allow operators to monitor, maintain, analyze and improve their equipment and asset performance in real-time. Wind power producers now have the technology to more effectively predict and prevent equipment failures, increase asset availability, and extend equipment life – all in a scalable system for the smallest to largest wind farms.
  • The IBM Chemical and Petroleum Integration Framework, utilizing the PI System as its real-time infrastructure enables integration of production operations, supply chain optimization, asset lifecycle management. It also provides enhanced security for critical assets, data for health, safety and environmental protection, as well as the means to improve regulatory compliance.
  • IBM Smart Grid solutions together with the PI System provide an integrated energy management system which enables reduced peak power and usage, efficiency via volt-VAR optimization, optimized outage management, load factor improvement, and renewables forecasting, along with other benefits.
  • Common to all these solutions and a key differentiator of the IBM | OSIsoft combined solution is the integration of IBM Maximo and the PI System to optimize the management of assets. This integration uses PI Web Services® and PI Notifications® for the delivery process events and information to Maximo for predictive maintenance, repair, and work order scheduling. Maximo is IBM’s market-leading condition based maintenance solution.

In addition to the solutions offered, IBM has extensive field experience with the PI System, providing a wide range of consulting services including business analysis, project management, project deployment and outsourced management.