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The top five global oil & gas producers rely on the PI System infrastructure. 

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Long term oil and gas demand continues to grow rapidly worldwide. Oil and gas companies face extremely high exploration and production costs, and must continually improve process and production efficiency to stay competitive.

Oil and gas companies worldwide use the OSIsoft® PI System® to provide the real-time data infrastructure and collaboration tools they need to meet key challenges, including:

  • Maximizing asset performance
  • Optimizing production
  • Centralizing process and enterprise knowledge and experience

Maximize asset performance through real-time monitoring.

  • Achieve greater efficiencies and prolong asset life with visibility into your asset health, from the well head to the terminals.
  • Proactively plan maintenance and repairs to ensure that spare parts arrive in a timely manner, even for remotely located and geographically scattered drilling rigs, wells, platforms, pipelines, and refineries.
  • Reduce well downtime through real-time monitoring and condition-based maintenance programs.

  Shell EP  

Shell EP: “Portal-based design supports access to the data required for solving challenging exploration and production business problems.”

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Optimize production and increase efficiency.

  • Decrease the time between initial well uptime and production, with visibility and actionable analytics into oil and gas operations.
  • Achieve higher recovery rates through better reservoir management.
  • Improve efforts to develop resource-intensive assets, such as coal bed methane and tight gas.
  • Balance demand, production, and distribution to maximize profits and reduce costs. 

Centralize knowledge across the value chain.

  • Integrate information, from production through transmission and downstream operations.
  • Provide a real-time, integrated view of production, transportation, refining, and scheduling activities through a single data source.
  • Automate and monitor real-time energy management using exception-based policies and benchmarks.

  ERG S.p.A, Italy  

ERG: “Driving out unnecessary costs by shifting to Condition-Based Maintenance and reducing downtime.”

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