PI Notifications 1.1 is Released

Sep. 30, 2009 - PI Notifications 1.1 is Released 

The major enhancements of this second version compared to PI Notifications 1.0 are:

Notification Templates: These are provided to improve the scalability and manageability of PI Notifications installations by eliminating the need to repetitively configure notifications for similar assets. With this release, it is possible to:

  • Create and manage notification templates;
  • Create and manage notifications using notification templates;
  • Automatically create notifications when new asset are configured.

Performance and Scalability: PI Notifications has now the capability of running roughly an order-of-magnitude more notifications compared to version 1.0. It can also sustain a much higher throughput of notification events processing, roughly by a factor of 30 compared to version 1.0.

Linking Delivery Endpoints to Contacts:

  • This provides the user with the ability to write a custom delivery channel and specify whether or not it will be shown under a specific contact;
  • This also allows a user to connect all delivery endpoints with an AF Contact.